Tuesday, May 02, 2006

"My father is my sisters uncle"

Strange title, & it's not one I say, but I did hear it in a conversation on Sunday. I rarely expose dirty laundry to any old stranger, but this story is so strange, nobody believes it anyway.

A million years ago.....
My DH Bob married Dawn & they had a daugter together - Tasha
When Tasha was 3 years old Bob & Dawn divorced
Dawn then married Dan, (Bob's nephew)
Dawn & Dan had 2 children (Breea & Daniel)
Dawn & Dan thankfully divorced & no other children were conceived

Tasha married Scott & they have Austin & Blake

So, by marriage, Tasha (who is only 9 yrs younger than me), is my step-daughter & Austin & Blake are my step-grandchildren. They both call me Grandma Kristie though & I love every minute of it.

Anyway, on Sunday we were celebrating Scott's birthday at Dawn's house & that's when Daniel says he loves to freak people out by saying:
"My father is my sister's uncle".

I don't think I'm freaked out anymore, just relieved that my DH's family is as screwed up as mine!

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