Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Oh the horror!

First of all....I didn't want to post this photo of my poor excuse for the Girlfriend Shrug. If the designer ever saw my FO, I'd drop dead of embarassment! Personally, I don't even like it & I'm just glad that I won't be there when my neice opens up her present on her birthday & finds this ugly shrug. I should have thrown it away, but then she'd have no present from me (and she knew she was getting something made by me because I had her mommy take her measurements. Oh the horror!

My flaw is in choosing yarn unsuitable for the project. (with my head down & eyes turned downward) I must admit it..... I used 100% Acrylic yarn. There, I've said it!I feel like I should be standing up in front of a group of knitters to admit my flaw....

"Hello, my name is Kristie & I knit with 100% acrylic yarn."

Knitting this project was one of the worst experiences I've ever had & I'm blaming it on the yarn. It couldn't have been me. I was using my very expensive Addi Turbo needles & using my expensive moisturizing hand cream & STILL I could feel little callouses building up on my fingers & the yarn kept splitting & didn't behave at all. If anyone ever catches me buying this yarn again....please put me out of my misery & strangle me with it!

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Lynda said...

we all learn those lessons... but ya know, I bet your niece still loves it, and, hey, acryllic is nothing if not washable - good for a kid. Really, I think she'll love it..., it is cute, and YOU made it!