Thursday, May 11, 2006

Moms Card (sshhhh....don't tell her)

I try to sit down at my craft desk and make a variety of cards once a month.

I try.....
I ACTUALLY sit down once a month the morning that I HAVE to get the cards in the mail for that special holiday (i.e. Mother's Day) & only make that holiday's card.

This is the shelf above my desk where I store all my supplies.

And a little sampling of my latest cards for Mother's Day

Are you surprised I would post my mother's card here? Well, if your mother is like mine you wouldn't be. She's never seen my blog. She actually probably doesn't even know what the term "blog" means. Oh well...someday I may just get her into the 21st century!

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Anonymous said...

I just discovered all the wonderful card-making supplies that are out there. Love your organizational system. Sweet cards, too!