Thursday, May 18, 2006


There's just no denying it...I'm a scatterbrain.

How is it that I have a calendar that is posted where I look at it EVERY day, but I still don't notice that I need to complete a knitting project by May 22nd that I haven't even started yet!

Today has been a mad knitting dash knitting the Girlfriend Shrug by Wendy for my neice (my very first neice) who is turning 10.

I'm knitting it in pastel colors so that she can wear it this summer in the cool evenings & it should match with anything since it's variegated yarn. Personally, I think she'll either love it or hate it.

Meanwhile, I am on the home stretch with the Columbine Peak socks. I'm not thrilled with the pattern - too much ribbing for my taste on the heel flap & the sides of the front foot, but maybe they'll be comfy?

I just can't wait for my real sock yarn to arrive in the mail!


Anonymous said...

I never realized that sock pattern had ribbing on the heel like that. Hmmm I will be curious to see if you like the fit in the end, sounds interesting. -Amy

Lynda said...

Hi! Found you through Heather's blog. We're very close in locale! Your afghan is beautiful, and quite an undertaking! I just started a large shawl, and I'm beginning to see it may be a lifetime project!

I'll be back! Nice to find you :o)