Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Since the landscapers came & took away 3 MAJOR trees & then majorly pruned the others, I think they were de-landscaping!

I had no idea what it would be like to have professionals come to my home for the day & work in my yard. I felt kind of guilty watching them....
until my DH reminded me that we were paying them a small fortune to do the work for us.

This is only one small part of my landscaping redo. Most of the yard is still scraggly looking because we have to replant especially due to the DEAD TREE that had to go bye bye.

That particular tree had termite damage (one MAJOR thing I hate about living in California) & here's what they were doing to my tree:

Needless to say, now I just have a bunch of ugly naked spots in my yards, so we'll be off to the nursery very soon! In fact, we'll be shopping a lot lately with all the exterior home projects on my list:

  1. Replant yard
  2. Replace fence that is falling into neighbors yard (termites again)
  3. Replace access door to garage
  4. Repaint house & garage (the trim at least)
  5. Replace 3rd bedroom outside access door

Don't even get me started on the interior projects which include new hardwood floors & such! Never a dull moment when you own a 50-yr old house that no previous homeowner seemed to take care of.

I think it will be easier to move.

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lilsis said...

The palm tree looks amazing! Your backyard looks like a tornado hit it. Can't wait to see it all cleaned up and alive again. Poor tree...