Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Sugar-Free Cocoa Socks

Honest, I finished this sock before Socktoberfest finished. Honest I did. It's just that stupid blogger wouldn't let me post the photo until now. Anyway, I acheived my goal & completed two pairs of socks in one month (thankfully there were 31 days). Annonuncing the second pair .....


Pattern: Karen's Sugar-Free Diabetes Walk Socks

Yarn: KnitPicks Gloss Cocoa Colorway

Needles: KnitPicks Circular size2 US

Modifications: Two extra pattern repeats on the legs

Notes: Next time I use this pattern (and I definitely will), I'm going to attempt it from the toe-up. It's just starting to get frustrating for me to have to "guess" how much yarn I'll need for the entire sock. With toe-up socks, there's none of this "I wonder if I'll have enough yarn to finish if I do one more pattern repeat".

In addition to my completed sock, I also made some Halloween cards to send to a few favorite family members. Of course, only two got sent. And actually, I hand-delivered those. My problem usually is writing the sentiment inside the cards. Because these are hand-made, there's a big blank spot inside every card & that's where I get stuck. I always thought I had a problem mailing items, but I now know that my real problem is writing something inside a card that sounds sincere, not ...uh... stupid.

Halloween was spent with SD, SIL, & the GS's (Step-Daughter, Son-In-Law & the GrandSons). The boys dressed up as Power Rangers & although they did trick-or-treat at 5 houses, they were most interested in staying home & waiting for the dressed up kids to come knock on their door. They got a big kick out of giving candy to the trick-or-treaters & every time there was a knock on the door, the boys would come running from all parts of the house. My favorite part is when the 2yr old opened the door & asked (in his 2yr old voice): "Do you wike my costume?"

DH decided to start a new tradition with the boys so that they didn't eat too much candy. He told them if they each chose 10 pieces of candy to keep & put the rest of the candy in a big bowl, that in the middle of the night, the good Halloween Witch would take the candy in the bowl & replace it with a new toy.

GS1 was extremely concerned that a witch was going to be in his house & he stated that he wouldn't be giving his candy to the witch, he didn't want her in his house. We then assured him that it was a good witch that was friends with the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy & even Santa Claus, but he again repeated he didn't want a witch in his house. This was definitely no surprise though since whenever he opened the door for a trick-or-treater, if they were dressed in a scary costume, he'd back away from the door & wait for the 2yr old to give out the candy instead. We realized that since he always approached the door when a fairy princess wanted candy, we told him that the Halloween Witch was a beautiful witch that wears a white sparkly dress & a crown (picture Glenda the good witch from Wizard of Oz), then he decided it might be okay for the witch to bring him a toy. Go figure.

By the way, you absolutely must go to my little sisters blog & see the cake she made for my neices birthday. She's so stinking talented!!


slyn said...

Love the socks! I'm so glad blogger finally let you post pictures. The boys look oh so cute in their costumes, and the witch is a fab idea. Also, thanks for the compliment!

jillian said...

Great socks!! I have that pattern on my to-do list! Toe-ups are so much less anxiety when it comes to having enough yarn. Definitely worth a try!

Amber said...

I love the cards you made -- so cute! We did a similar thing with Alden to cut down on the amount of candy he eats, except we called it the "Halloween Fairy."

The socks are pretty!

Brena said...

Gorgous socks. I think it's funny that they're sugar-free cocoa. :)

Sharon G. said...

Beautiful socks!
Your story about the good Halloween Witch has me cracking up - that's just too funny!

Karen said...

LOVE your sugar-free cocoa socks!! :) What a cute name to give them. I love the extra repeats on the leg too - I'm going to do that on my next pair. :)

kimberly said...

I love your socks!! I need to buy that pattern too. You're inspiring!