Tuesday, November 07, 2006

DH's Surprise

I am such a sucker for contests when people are giving away free yarn! Are people really this generous, or are they trying to get rid of stash yarn they don't like anymore? Or both?

The latest contest I discovered is being hosted by Chappysmom. All you need to do is take a picture of your November 2006 calendar & post it on your blog & then leave her a comment.

My mom & dad put together a family calendar each year with all the birthdays & anniversaries in it, and it just happens that DH & I are the "theme" for Novembers calendar page. It's always nerve-racking though to be around when my parents are snapping photos because you never know which photos they'll choose for the family calendar. They did pretty good in 2006 but my fingers are crossed for the 2007 calendar!

I am knitting. Really I am. When DH isn't around, I'm working on his Christmas present which is 60% complete & when he is around, I've been working on the Here & There Cable Scarf. I'm using the KnitPicks Swish Superwash in Dark Navy and this yarn is really nice to work with. This scarf pattern is definitely not a quick knit & does use quite a bit of yarn (700+ yards so far), but it's a good project to knit while listening to your favorite podcasts. I'm determined to get the D$%+ thing done soon though so I can start on something new.

I forget to tell you all about DH's little surprise for me 2 weeks ago. He told me he was stopping to get a haircut (which was much needed). When he came home, I couldn't look at him for the first hour. He promised it was temporary, but everytime I looked at him, I felt like I was seeing a stranger.

Does he look younger? Yes. Do I feel like I'm having an affair? Yes.


--Deb said...

Thank you for the calendar!

slyn said...

The scarf is gorgeous!!!! Love the before and after of hubby too.

flutter said...

That scarf is stunning, and so is the hubby!

Lainie said...

I LOVE the scarf! Beauty!

kimberly said...

Your scarf is gorgeous! I love the color.