Saturday, November 04, 2006

Official Yarn Collector

I thought I might be a "Yarn Collector" for the last few months since I had a few skeins of yarn, but now I feel I'm starting to cross over to the real deal since this is what arrived in the mail.

Of course, this photo doesn't include the yarn I bought from WEBS for DH's Christmas present. Just picture 10 more skeins of wool/alpaca yarn.

So here's the details:
  • KnitPicks Merino Style in Nutmeg. This is intended for the Forbes Forest Scarf in Scarf Style from Interweave Press. I was inspired to knit this after seeing the completed scarf on BrooklynTweed's blog. GORGEOUS!
  • KnitPicks Wool of the Andes (3) Black Cherry Heather; (3) Coal; (2) Mist. These skeins are intended for Stitch Diva's Curiously Clever Clogs. Yes, I finally decided & purchased the $7 pattern. It looks like an interesting pattern all knit in one piece with some type of "attach-as-you-go" method. I'm undecided if I'll add beads to these.
I'm doing almost everything in my power not to cast-on for either of these projects until I finish at least one of the projects on my sidebar. I think I have a condition called "finish-itis"! Maybe I should purchase a lock box for my stash yarn & only give DH the key. Then again, I'd probably tear up the house looking for the key while he was sleeping, so that would defeat that purpose wouldn't it?

My baby sister (who I helped teach knit via phone/internet only), found a cute mini mitten pattern & wondered if she'd be able to knit them. She wants a Christmas tree with different colored hand-knit mittens all over it for the main decoration. I decided to knit it up really quick last night & they are really just too small unless the tree is only 3' tall. They'd be great gift decorations, pencil toppers, or pinky finger warmers though.


jillian said...

Now THAT is a tiny mitten!

Amber said...

I think I may be becoming a yarn collector too, despite my having fought against it for so long. The lure of the fiber is strong. ;-)

That little mitten is too cute! I love the idea of knitted ornaments on the Christmas tree -- if only I were organized enough to get that done in time. I'd love to knit stockings for the kids too, but I don't even see that happening this year. There's never enough time!

Oh, and my email address is :-)

slyn said...

It is so adoreable! I think I will just do a mini tree. Can't wait to see your clogs too, I love the yarn.

Brena said...

That scarf is gorgeous! I can't wait to see yours!

Judy said...

You're a collector, all right! I never had any doubt. :-)

That mitten is really cute. I love the idea of hanging little mittens all over the Christmas tree! How clever.

It might not be big enough for a decoration, but how about a bookmark? I sometimes make teeny-tiny little pairs of socks for bookmarks. Teeny-tiny little pairs of mittens would be cute, too. Or you could have a mitten on one end and a sock on the other.... hmmmmm....

uh oh. I feel a project coming on...