Thursday, November 30, 2006


I'm not enjoying knitting the Curiously Clever Clogs. In fact, I'm renaming the pattern to Curiously Complicated Clogs. Actually, it's my own fault they are complicated. I've only been knitting a year & this pattern's difficulty level is a 3 out of 4. Just when I thought I was doing well, I realized that I forgot to knit all the wraps for the short row shaping on the clogs. So, my project went from this:

To This:

I haven't given up on them though. I spent $7 for the pattern & I'm going to knit them until they are complete. No matter how long it takes!

You must check out Lynda's Starsky. WOW!! I honestly didn't like the look of the pattern when I first saw it on Knitty, but after seeing Lynda's, I now have to add it to my must knit list!

Remember a few posts ago that I said I was going to my LYS to buy some SOAK? Well, I'm never going to my LYS again! When I walked into the store the other day, it was empty other than the 2 employees or owners or whomever they were behind the counter. One of them said "hi" when I walked in, but after 15 minutes of looking through their yarn (I couldn't find any sock yarn to save my life) & feeling ignored, I went over to their counter & asked where the SOAK was. They looked at me dumbfounded. I said again that I was looking for the SOAK wash talked about in the newsletter I received a few weeks ago. One of the women reached under the counter & pulled out several of the trial sizes of SOAK & said "this?". I replied yes & she says "oh, it's not in yet." I wait for her to offer to give me or sell me one of the many she's holding in her hand, but she places them back under the counter. I ask when it will be in & she states that she doesn't know. I stand there for a moment looking at her & when she doesn't say anything further I say thank you & walk out of the store & vow to never return. What the hell happened to customer service? When you go to your LYS do the women there talk to you or ask you if you need help finding anything? Am I expecting too much?

Please go to FlutterCraft's blog & donate a dollar or two to her Salvation Army Kettle. Or you can follow THIS link. I love dropping my change in the bucket this time of year, but what I love even more, is if you donate through Flutter's kettle online, you can print out a receipt for the tax man! She has a kettle goal of $100 so let's help her EXCEED it!


Lynda said...

Ah, thanks for the compliment!! *blush*

I'm with you - I don't think I'd ever set foot in that LYS again. That's just too bad :(

Karen said...

When I ready your first paragraph, I immediately pictured Mike Meyers doing Coffee Talk. "Curiously Clever Clogs are neither Curious nor Clever. Discuss . . . " :) I admire you for tackling them though - I think it's always good to push your limits. I know you'll get through them fine. And one day in the future, you'll knit them again, think they are easy, and be able to reflect on how far you have come!!

Anonymous said...

You most definitely are NOT expecting too much! How rude. I would never return to that store either. Everyone at my LYS is super, super nice!

Brena said...

You're not expecting too much. Is that the only yarn store in town? We used to have a store like that, but competition came to town and now they're all about the helpfulness.

I'm sure you'll return to your clogs someday soon and have success!

Amber said...

Oh gosh, sorry about the clogs! Glad you're not giving up though -- they'll be gorgeous when they're finished.

I can't believe how rude the people in your LYS were to you! Don't they know that you can get yarn a heck of a lot cheaper online?? The only reason I go to a LYS is for the customer service and to support a local merchant. If they were rude to me, I'd certainly never go back!

Jacqueline said...

I was reading your note... we make soak. What is your LYS? I can either send you some, or make sure they have it for when you need it. Let me know. -Jacqueline.
cheers and happy holidays.