Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Black Undies

HELP! I'm being held captive by my MIL (mother-in-law) & now I only have time for blogging at "o-dark-thirty" when she FINALLY goes to bed!! Why is it that older people only sleep for 4 hours every night?

My day began with trying to prepare her a breakfast she would like butof course I don't have the "right" kind of oatmeal, so she just settled for toast. The highlight of my morning however, was a trip to get her hearing aids cleaned. I know that's always on the top of everyone list of things to do with their MIL. Next was the search for a purse that was lightweight & inexpensive. Since I know her, I knew that SEARS would be the perfect store for that quest, but even I was shocked when she told me that $36 was too much money for a purse (pocketbook, handbag, or whatever the hell else she calls it). Doesn't she realize this is an item she uses EVERY day and it's okay to spend a few dollars on it? Then if all of that weren't enough, we ended up in the "intimate apparel" section where I got to select silky black granny underwear for her in her size! I thought at the time nothing could be worse, but just a few minutes ago she walked into my office in nothing but her sweatshirt & her new undies. Where's my knitting needles? I need to poke out my eyes!!!

Is it just me, or when you get mentioned on someone's blog, do you jump for joy a bit? I was doing my usual reading of my favorite blogs & The Giving Flower made mention of my Sugar-Free Cocoa Socks. Her post was more or less about being crafty and staying fit.

Lil sis wants me to join in her torture of being a runner (since our theory is there's no such thing as a "fat" runner), so she just started a program called The Couch to 5K Running Plan. Well, since I'm initimately acquainted with "the couch (sofa)", this program may be just for me! Day one is a brisk five-minute warmup walk, then alternate 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking for a total of 20 minutes. I'm taking both dogs with me. They'll either love it and want to keep going or hate me & drag our sorry butts home.


Anonymous said...

What make are her hearing aids?

kimberly said...

You are a sweetie and deserve it. Oh and I always get excited when I see I'm mentioned on another blog. Thanks!
Oh by the way, you poor thing!!

Cathy said...

OHGoodLord! I just laughed so hard I nearly choked on a mouthful of coffee! Your poor thing - the sweatshirt and undies would have had me TOTALLY UNDONE! lol

I hope the visit doesn't last too too long ;)

Judy said...

OK. You're going to owe me a new monitor, here. Mine is suffering from coffee spray all over it. :-)

And, yes, I always feel a little thrill when I see my name mentioned anywhere. I thing (hope) that it never becomes dull.

Happy Thanksgiving!

jill said...

I'd rather do those things with the MIL than clip her toenails. No sh*t...my MIL used to ask me to do that all the time. No thank you, m'am!

And yes, that thrill is a virus we bloggers all hope to contract. ;o)

Karen said...

OMG, this was the funniest post I've read in a long time!!! All your MIL adventures have me cracking up!!! Yes, I suppose it wasn't too funny to you though. :( But I can't help but giggle. :)