Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Yesterday's highlights

The highlight of the day Tuesday was voting. I felt proud to be an American and proud to know that even my one little vote (combined with a bunch of other votes), could make a major difference. Today I realized that not everything went my way, but most of them did!

Late last night, I was reading Nicole the Knitting Goddess & at the end of her blog post, she listed me as the "Blog Of The Day". Since this is National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo), she's been posting one blog each day & she picked me!! WOW! I feel like I'm back in high school & just got an invite to hang out with the popular (cool) kids.

My LYS sent me an email that next week they will be carrying SOAK. I've read wonderful reviews about this & even heard that Scout will be carrying it in her store. I just want to go smell them & buy a small size to try! I do have a few things that need washed, so it's perfect timing. Also, if they carry the travel sizes, I'll probably stock up on a few to include with any hand-knitted gifts this year.

I was at Carole's blog & she mentioned a great project called Knit Unto Others. Check it out! There's going to be prizes!!

Is anyone signing up for the STR Rockin' Socks Club 2007? I pre-registered to participate, but I'm unsure I can come up with the $210 on January 1st. Mabye Santa Claus better skip the gifts & just give me cash.


Emma said...

I am right there with you on the STR sock club. I also signed up with the hope there will be an extra $210 hanging around in January!

Anonymous said...

I pre-registered for the STR club too and am just hoping that $210 drops into my lap :)

the Knit Unto Others thing is great - I also signed up for that. Makes me feel good to knit for others less fortunate than me.

Congrats on being Blog of the Day!

Karen said...

How great that you were named Blog of the Day!! What a huge thrill. :) I was tempted by the STR Club, but decided against it. I'd rather save up my money and hope to get into another round of Scout's Indie Swag. :) Please give us your review of Soak. It does sound great.

Lynda said...

Blog of the Day - how cool is that!? Congrats.

Brena said...

:) It's because you are one of the cool kids!!!