Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Got Gauge?

I hate to swatch (which obviously includes knitting, washing, blocking and measuring). Actually, let me be more clear. I HATE TO SWATCH!! Normally, I don't swatch but every once in awhile if I DO swatch, I rarely go through the washing, blocking & measuring portion. I usually just knit it & measure it.

However, I purchased KnitPicks newer yarn "Swish Superwash" and had read on Brooklyn Tweed's blog that even though it's listed as superwash, it shrinks. So since I considered making some sweaters for my grandsons for Christmas & wanted them to fit (if not be a bit roomy), I decided to do a REAL swatch.

Keep in mind, these are MY test results.

Needles: US size 6 (4.00mm) KnitPicks Options
Yarn: KnitPicks Swish Superwash
Gauge Before Washing: 19 sts / 26 rows
Gauge After Washing: 20 sts / 29 rows

Yes it shrunk, not considerably, but doesn't superwash imply it WON'T shrink?

I was listening to the Lime & Violet podcast & my recommendation when listening to their "yarn p*rn" section .. FREEZE YOUR CREDIT CARDS IN A LARGE BLOCK OF ICE. They referred me to Fearless Fibers & after viewing the colorways, I couldn't resist Sublime. So ... I bought it. Can you believe that you can buy 550 yards of HAND DYED superwash merino wool for only $14.50? If she charged what it were worth I probably wouldn't have purchased it. This yarn is BUTTA!! Seriously!! In fact, hurry & go purchase some before she realizes that she should raise her prices!!


ScrapHappy said...

I never swatch. I hate it. I am the original "impatient perfectionist." Good thing I only knit for the kids -- whatever I make will fit ONE of them! ;)
LOVE that Sublime. Gorgeous!

Karen said...

Yup, I'm on non-swatcher too. I only swatch for sweaters. For socks, I just start the sock as my swatch - if it's too small or too big it's small enough to pull out and restart. And scarves . . . well, I just let them be whatever size they come out. :) Going to look st Fearless Fibers now - but unlike the site name, I'm a little scared. :)

Anonymous said...

Yummy, the color of that yarn is gorgeous! I'm gonna have to bookmark that sight for the new year as I'm on a diet right now :)

Tiffany said...

ah, Fearless Fibers. I am so addicted to it, thanks to L&V! I'm knitting with her Brick House colorway and it's loooovely =D I love Sublime, too!

Anonymous said...

I guess my hat may have benefited from me doing a swatch, but alas I am too lazy to figure it all out!

I LOVE the yarn. I think I may do a little shopping there with my next yarn allowance. I'll just collect and fondle my sock yarn. ;)