Saturday, November 18, 2006

Obituary & Reality Check


'What will your obituary say?' at

Thanks Lainie. I couldn't resist posting my obituary either. If we were older though would this be funny?

I was reading through my bloglines & clicked on So Much Yarn, So Little Time since I saw she'd updated. She just test-knitted the cutest Kimono Sweater. Did you click on it? Isn't it cute? Now, click on the Tatami pattern link & look at the price.

Is my monitor broken or does that say $12.00?
Is it just me, or is this a lot of money for one pattern?
Am I being cheap?

Feel free to tell my your honest opinions. Sometimes I need a reality check.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't pay that much for a single pattern when I can get a book for just a few dollars more, but that's just me.

Hey, remember what ring tone we were going to assign a certain someone?

Yarn It said...

I had to take a second look at the price also. I really feel it is expensive. I think sticking in the $5.00 range, that most designers price their patterns at, is reasonable. I do love the pattern but have not yet purchased it because of the price. But I may at some point. Funny Obituary!

flutter said...

That's pretty pricey...although that sweater is freakin' cute

Sharon G. said...

No, you're right. I thought the same thing. The kits are like right at that mark where it's almost too $$$, too. I love the pattern, though. And I hear her yarn is to die for.

I need to win the lottery.

jillian said...

I saw taht pattern but didn't even notice how much it was! Wowsa. That's way too much for a single pattern, especially when the pattern doesn't look that complicated. Yeah it's four full-color photos, but how many patterns have been sucessfully knit with one or two good pictures? I wouldn't call myself cheap, but i don't like to be ripped off. Stitch Diva sells many of their pattern for $7, and I think that's just a hair too much for a single pattern.

Amber said...

That is a really cute sweater, but $12 seems a lot to me too, especially since it looks like a pretty simple design.