Monday, November 27, 2006

28 days

I'm starting to panic. Christmas is in 28 days & I just realized that I've only purchased 2 gifts so far.

I'm wondering, do you purchase gifts for your mailman, gardener, hair stylist, etc? If so, what do you normally purchase and/or how do you determine how much to give? I was thinking of gift certificates but from where? How much should I give? Why is this giving me stress?

Contrary to what my blog has shown lately, I HAVE been knitting. Unfortunately, this project is taking FOREVER! It's the Forbes Forest Scarf from Interweave Knit's Scarf Style. I'm using KnitPicks Merino Style yarn & although I like the yarn, I'm bored to tears with the scarf. After seeing several photos of it, I thought I was going to ooh & aah the entire time I was knitting it, but now that I'm halfway through .. I just want it done! It seems to be sucking up all of my knitting time & I can't wait to finish blocking my other projects so that I can start something else!

I received my confirmation receipt from Stitches West 2006 that I have successfully been admitted to my class. I wanted to take more than one, but at those prices, it would've cut into my yarn spending money, so I figure, one is better than none! My class is called Pattern Customization: Your Yarn, Your Gauge by Gwen Bortner. This will be my first knitting class EVER. In fact, I've never even knit with anyone except myself. DH won't let me go without him and I have NO IDEA what he's going to do while I'm in class, but I'm SURE he'll tag along at the convention center rolling his eyes at the prices of all the yarn I buy. Is anyone else planning on attending? Have you ever brought your significant other to an event like this? Any recommendations?


Brena said...

I usually make tins of goodies to hand out at Christmas time. I'll give one to the mailman, one to my boss, one to each of my teammates at work, one to my hemotologist, one to my landlord, and one to my therapist. They usually go over well and aren't too big of a pain to make.

I've never been to any big knitting event! Have a great time!!!!

Lynda said...

Oooh, that scarf is going to be so pretty! But, I know what you mean about being at the want-it-to-be-done phase!

Emma said...

According to real Simple magazine, for a gardener, you're supposed to tip the equivalent of one service or a week's pay. But, if the service sends someone different every time, or you're not currently using the service, you don't have to tip anything.

For a hairstylist, if you're an infrequent customer, double your regular tip next time. If you go regularly, give a tip or gift equal to the cost of one visit.

You're not expected to give the mailman anything, but if you have a personal relationship with him or her, a small gift or gift card, $20 or less, is appropriate. Note that US letter carriers can't accept cash or checks in any amount or gifts worth more than $20.

Hope that helps!

Gwen said...

It will be good to have you in class -- and we are going to be dealing with the dreaded swatch!!! As to shrinkage in superwash -- it generally implies no "significant shrinkage" as in going from a large adult to a small child. However, it is ALWAYS better to test to be sure. I look forward to meeting you in February.

Anonymous said...

That scarf looks gorgeous, and thank you so much for the kettle donation

Judy said...

The scarf is lovely! You will be very happy with it, I know... when it's done.

That's why I don't knit scarves. Even ones that I'm wildly enthusiastic about when I start pale by the time I've knit a foot, and then it's a hard slog the rest of the way.

I drooled over the classes at Stitches West, but there's no way I can get the time off work to come down. :-(

Amber said...

Gah, I've often wondered/worried about the whole gifts for hairdressers, mail carriers, etc. I've never given any, but I'm not sure that's the "correct" thing to do. I just never know what to give, or how much. And, we have like 3 different mail carriers, depending on the day of the's just too much stress for me. LOL

The scarf is looking gorgeous!