Sunday, November 12, 2006


I just found out from the Scarf Style/Wrap Style KAL blog, (which I don't even belong to) that in February 2007, Interweave Press will be releasing their 3rd in the "style" series books. This one is named Lace Style.

I loved Scarf Style so much that I sincerely hope this book is more like that one and less like Wrap Style (which should have been named "Cape Style" in my opinion).

Speaking of style, I feel like I'm a little bit more "in style". DH & I received our new cell phones from our new wireless carrier. I will admit that a few years ago you wouldn't have caught me DEAD with a pink cell phone, but I think knitting has changed all my views on color. In fact, I think there's a LOT more color in my wardrobe now than ever! I used to be all about the black wardrobe (it's slimming don't you know), but now I figure that no matter what your size, color just makes you feel happier! I wonder if this is just me though.


Emma said...

Oooh, cute phone!

jillian said...

A trology is it? I so hear you about calling Wrap Style "Cape Style"! I had that same thought. I was so excited to look at it, loving Scarf Style so much, and was terribly disappointed. I mean even ponchos were sort of still popular, but how many people wear capelets? And there was one whole shawl, that I actually really like, but will not buy the whole book for! False advertising!

Brena said...

Your phone is adorable!!!!! I want it!

Karen said...

I agree - I love Scarf Style but every time I go to the bookstore and flip through Wrap Style I'm not impressed. We'll keep our fingers crossed for Lace Style.

I love your cute, thin, pink phone!!

Amber said...

OMG -- my views on color have completely changed since I started knitting too! My wardrobe used to be mostly black -- with a little grey thrown in for variety. LOL

Knitting has totally opened up a new world for me. Now I LOVE color!

Cute phone!

flutter said...

I have your phone! I love it...and I agree, life is nothing without color