Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Knitting bags

What am I thinking? I've been commenting about ordering the new KnitPicks Options needle set, but then last night I was looking at their new yarn (& ordering new yarn) and I saw this knitting bag set.
Just like yarn and shoes, I am a sucker for a great bag. Now I'm not positive that this is a great bag, but it definitely looked like a great deal AND it was developed by the same company that developed yarn & needles that don't drain my pocketbook...so I got sucked in (as usual).

I think the reason I like bags & shoes so much, is the sizing. My foot rarely changes size & even if my arm or shoulders gain some weight, my bag still fits. It's the same thing with knitting projects. I think I've been knitting socks so much lately because I know when they're done....they will fit!

The best part of my new bags? I'm not touching the $100 DH gave me. This is being bought with birthday money from my mom & DH's mum (plus I still have some left over).


ScrapHappy said...

Oh my gosh, I love these! Do they come as a set?
I too am a sucker for shoes and bags. :)
In addition to the no-size benefit, I think I like them because they're easy to justify since they're practical. I mean, you HAVE to wear shoes. And you HAVE to have something to carry your knitting in!

Judy said...

Shoes and bags and knitting socks. What more do you need in life?

Can't wait to see your report on these bags when you receive them!

Lynda said...

That bag looks great. I'm with ya on loving the shoes and bags - they ALWAYS fit!!