Tuesday, August 01, 2006

LEVI's sells eating disorders for $40

I saw a commercial last night that has been really bothering me. When I first saw the girl in the commercial, I noticed she was EXTREMELY thin & that she was walking in what looked like the streets of NY. I was hoping she was going to McDonalds or something to order an extra value meal with lots of greasy fries since she looked to only be 90 pounds! To my horror, it ended up being an add for LEVI's new skinny jeans.

My next thought was of all the teenage girls that will now go shopping to try on the skinny jeans AND if they don't fit, how they will stop eating, or binge & purge, or whatever to get into the skinny jeans. The word "skinny" just means too much in our society right now & I know from personal experience that it would be such a mood-lifter to think that I could fit in jeans named "SKINNY". Just image what that does to the psyche of a teenager. It's appalling!!

Here's the ad copy:
A low-rise straight and skinny fit. Super-slim leg is comfortably cut. Available in stretch and non-stretch finishes. Short (30"), medium (32") and long (34") inseams. FIT: Straight WAIST: Low rise;8 5/8" front rise LEG: Skinny


jillian said...

After years of seeing teenaged girls in too-small low-rise jeans with a huge muffin top hanging out of the top, I bet they will snap up these jeans, even if they are way too tight. I don't know how many will develop eating disorders, but it certainly does push the idea that anything but stick-thin isn't attractive.

Knit and Purl Grrl said...

Skinny leg? You're right, SICKLY THIN leg. I hate this, too. Not only because my body type does not conform, but because it's dangerous just as you say.