Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Möbius Scarf

Since Cat Bordhi taught me how to knit socks on circular needles, it was only fitting that I also referred to her to learn how to make a scarf on a circular needle. My blessed TIVO has been recording the new KnittyGritty season episodes for me & what to my wondering eyes should appear, but an episode with Cat Bordhi & her Möbius scarf. I was fascinated!

Möbius is defined as a one-surface strip with a 180-degree twist. In other words, the Möbius is a never-ending twisted loop that is made in knitting by wrapping a long circular needles cable cord around itself. It definitely sounds harder than it is, but when I saw that you could take the concept of the Möbius strip & knit it into a scarf, I knew I was going to cast-on as soon as I could get the materials.

I turned to KnitPicks & ordered the new Options 47" cable & size 10US circular needle tips. I was going to order the fiber recommended by the episode (Fleece Artist 4-ply cashmere), but decided instead to order something a little less expensive for my first run at this. After all, what if I sucked at knitting it? What if I ended up hating it? I again went to KnitPicks & ordered 2 skeins of the Ambrosia yarn in the Mulled Wine colorway.

I received my KnitPicks order in less than a week & although the yarn was very soft, the color wasn't quite as pretty as on my computer monitor. Then again, at only $7/skein for alpaca & cashmere, how could I complain? The Options needle cables were extremely flexible (not as stiff as the Addis Turbos) and the tips are very pointy. The cable & needle went together very smoothly & after knitting this scarf project, I believe I may be ordering the full Options Kit very soon. I also ordered size 1 & size 2 circular needles made by KnitPicks & I will report on those at a later date (when I actually get around to knitting with them)

Casting on was a bit tricky until I got the hang of it & I did refer back to the episode 2 or 3 times while I started this scarf, but oh what fun to see it all come together & so quickly. This actually only took me an evening to knit & what's better than a quick knit? (okay, eating chocolate while knitting a quick knit).

I will make this pattern again, but I may try & find some 4-ply cashmere (if it's a decent price & if there are decent colorways). Any recommedations?


Lynda said...

I LOVE your Mobius! I may need to make me one-a those!

PS - I bought the full set of KnitPick Options, and an extra couple of cables and size 6 and 7's... I love them to death!

Amber said...

Beautiful! I will have to try a Mobius scarf one of these days!

~Kristie said...

Thank you, thank you & did I mention thank you?

kimberly said...

Oh I'm so fascinated with the moebius. I used to be a math teacher and I love that kind of stuff. Yours is gorgeous. I love the color.