Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Packing & Shopping & Socks (oh my)

I've just realized in packing for my trip, that my CPU will not fit in my luggage. This is a tragic thing since without my computer, I'll have no way to download my photos to my blog while I'm away for 9 days....what's a girl to do? If I stop posting photos, who will want to read my blog? (not me)

My local craft store had a HUGE sale on everything in the store Saturday to celebrate their 40 years in business. Of course, since I knew they carried SOME decent yarns, I had to see if there was anything I may like. When I reached the yarn section, there was a sign stating that all yarn was 30% off. The only disappointment -- their yarn selection wasn't to my particular taste, but I was able to find a couple of things.

I picked up some Lion Brand Cotton for the miscellaneous cotton projects in the Mason-Dixon Knitting book I borrowed from the library. I also purchased 3 skeins of Cascade 220 in Dark Plum for a bag I'm planning on trying to felt for my neice's birthday in December. (I say "trying" because I have to create the pattern for the bag she wants). I also couldn't resist the Berocco Pure Merino in Cabernet. I bought every skein they had (only 10) and have now realized that it's definitely not enough to make myself a sweater, so I suppose I'll return it. It's lucious yarn, but I just don't know what I'd make from it since I need about 16 skeins for a sweater & they only had 10 in my dyelot.

Also, I'm working on the Interweave Knits Father & Son Socks for DH in the Trekking XXL yarn I purchased at my LYS. I can tell he doesn't like them (because when he likes something, he comments about it without asking), but he humors me in trying them on occassionally. Since there's more stitches on the needle than I'm used to AND it's a new pattern, it seems like it's taking forever to knit these. I'm excited to find some sock yarn in Oregon to take a break from these socks & start another pair of socks for.....ME! (I'm so selfish)


ScrapHappy said...

The yarn you picked up looks great! 30 percent off is def. a decent discount. I need to get back to some serious knitting. I go in spurts, and I've got the itch! ;)

I am such a sucker for sales.

Love the father and son socks. They look terrific!

Amber said...

Gotta love a yarn sale!! The socks are looking great. My dh is so picky I've yet to knit anything for him!

slyn said...

The purple yarn for the bag is perfect! She is going to love it. You are so talented I'm sure you will be able to do a bag! :)