Thursday, August 31, 2006

From Socks to Scarves

Although I'm afraid to admit it, I'm getting a little tired of knitting socks, so I decided to take a quick break & start something new. I borrowed Scarf Style from the library, & after previewing it, I think I may have to purchase it! (If DH is reading this, he's just shaking his head right now & holding onto his wallet).

Remember when I purchased the Berocco Pure Merino in Cabernet on sale at my local craft store? It was originally intended for a sweater, but I realized that 10 skeins wouldn't even be enough for a vest & I'd bought all that they had in that dye lot. Well when I was previewing the Scarf Style book, I located my favorite pattern that's been floating around blog-land for awhile....Backyard Leaves & I realized I could use the yarn (and only 4 skeins of it) for that scarf! Yippee...I've saved it from being returned!

Well last night while DH was packing for his trip (the annual dove hunt for 3 days in the Arizona desert), I grabbed my yarn, needles & a printed copy of the chart. HOLY COW! I've knitted with maybe 3 charts ever, but this one was an animal all of its own kind! I knitted the first inch & upon looking at it realized that I'd made an error so obvious, maybe I wasn't ready for this project yet. I started again & noticed I'd made a whole new error. I then realized I was too tired to tackle a new chart & project, so I dragged my tired butt off to bed.

At 4:30am, I arrived home (after dropping DH off at hunting buddies house) & picked up the project again. I first started with some self-talk: "You're a smart woman! This is a knitting chart, not brain surgery!" (although the chart does somewhat resemble brain pathways I think).

I started again, this time with more determination than ever. I was not about to let this chart beat me! I started slowly double checking each & every symbol as I knit. Row upon row I checked & double checked until finally...I saw the pattern emerge. EUREKA! I figured it out! I'm a better knitter than I thought I was!

By the way, the yarn is a dream to knit with!


jillian said...

Yay for you! You were just tired that first go round. I always try to start something that's a notch up the old technical scale when I'm fresh. It's gorgeous and that yarn is a great match for that project.

Lynda said...

See... you're doing it! and isn't it fun when it finally all "clicks!" I LOVE knitting lace... though nothing frustrates me more!

Brena said...

Charts scare me! I have such basic questions about them... are they like intarsia charts where you read them backwards for purl rows? When you start, do you start reading from right to left or left to right.

Congrats on the scarf, it's beautiful!

knitzalot said...

That chart was a bear, but I loved my finished scarf. It looks great so far!

Emma said...

That looks like a beautiful scarf. COngrats on figuring out the chart. I'm still a little intimidated by projects with charts, but you may have inspired me to give it a shot!

Danielle said...

Looking great! Pretty soon, you'll love the charts :)

Judy said...

Tired of socks? Say it isn't so! (yeah, yeah... this from a woman who stopped knitting a pair of socks to obsessively knit a lace shawl.)

Your scarf looks great! That's not an easy pattern. Congratulations on working it out!

ScrapHappy said...

This is beautiful!
I have not yet tackled charts -- they intimidate me! But you give me hope. I'm a smart woman, right???

Are you doing the next Sexy Knitters KAL? If so, which pattern are you doing? I'm thinking about doing Sizzle...