Friday, July 28, 2006

Trekking at the LYS

You've made my day! I had convinced myself that only 3 people ever read my blog, but now maybe there's 10 of you! I feel like a movie star.

Thanks to all of your comments, I'm now more confused...yes, I know, I asked for it. I really do want the KnitPicks Options needles, but it will suck up so much of my budget. Also, I'm very addicted to expensive sock yarn right now. What's a girl to do?

I did venture out to my LYS this afternoon & was shocked at how small their selection is. They seem to be a fabric/yarn store & cater mainly to their fabric clientelle. I only say that because I presumed that the would've had a few different manufacturers of sock yarn, but all they had was Trekking XXL sock yarn available (only about 10 skeins). Since I've never used that yarn though, I added a skein of #101 to my stash. (Although I've heard, and correct me if I'm wrong, sock yarn doesn't count as stash yarn.) I figure if I like it, I can go there & buy more. I was definitely disappointed in my LYS yarn selection. In fact, I've seen larger & better selections on some of your blogs, so thank goodness for all my favorite online yarn stores!

Have any of you been to the KnitPicks website lately? They aren't making any major annoucements on their website until sometime in August (probably the 1st), but they DO have their NEW YARNS on their website for purchase. Since they have some new sock yarn available (Essential Tweed and Gloss) , I'm definitely considering trying each of them. After all, I do get MORE yarn for the money. I'm also eyeing their new Swish Superwash yarn. It's 100% superwash merino wool in worsted weight. I must have some patterns this yarn would work great for.....(now where the heck are they?)

My DH was late getting home tonight, but I didn't care. I was fondling the Fall 2006 Interweave Knits magazine that had arrived in the mail today. I don't love all the patterns (in fact I think a few are very ugly), but I could see myself making Saffron Cables, Father & Son Socks, Spartan Pullover & Weekend Pullover. Honestly though, the only thing I'll probably end up making are the socks.

Does anyone else have a favorite from the magazine?


Amber said...

That's some mighty perty sock yarn! Too bad about your LYS. I always feel deprived because I don't really have a LYS (the closest one is about a half hour away -- I guess that's not that far, but with two young kids if feels like a million miles!), so I buy almost all of my yarn online. And, of course, Knit Picks is always a temptation because their prices are so incredible!

I haven't received my Fall IK yet (maybe I'll get it today!), but I did check out the patterns on the Website. I like Bianca's Jacket and the Gatsby Girl Pullover.

Judy said...

Sock yarn never counts as stash. Nope! And remember, quality is more important than quantity to a serious collector. :-)

Laura said...

I seriously can't wait for my next KnitPicks order - gotta get some of that GLOSS sock yarn!! GOTTA!

Oh, and the $100 question. Hmm....

I'd buy sweater yarn. Or maybe even a sweater kit. Mostly because you can nickel and dime your way to a hefty sock yarn collection. Sweater yarn is a much bigger investment!