Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Change of Plans & July Question

I'm not going to post about the heat because who cares other than me that it's 10:10pm and 87 degrees INSIDE my house (and the a/c has been on ALL BLASTED DAY!)

I found out today that our plans have changed -- we're not moving. Keep in mind that DH & I have spent the last 6 weeks remodeling the house specifically to sell so that we can move. So why aren't we moving....lets just say that we have a BLACK mark on our credit that is stopping us. Then again, it's not a permanent black mark since it will be faded by the middle of May 2007.....then we can move!

On the plus side, I have new hardwood floors, in 50% of my home, the exterior of my home has been completely repainted, the laundry room has a new wall up to separate it from the kitchen AND I have recessed ligthing in the kitchen instead of that ugly flourescent lighting with the drop ceiling! YUCK! We're also getting a new fence on one side of our yard. If we wouldn't have planned on moving, then none of these projects would have been done!

DH is sabotaging my diet. I was supposed to weigh in today, but I got sidetracked with finishing our hardwood floors so I didn't. Anyway, he returned the rental equipment (compressor & table saw) to Home Depot & came home with 2 Oreo milkshakes -- my favorite. He commented that it would be something to cool us down since it was so hot. I didn't envision being cooled down, I pictured all the lumpty bumps the milkshake was going to create on my thighs! It sure tasted good though.

Question of the Month:
If you were given $100 to spend on anything related to knitting, what would it be, and why?


KnitPastis said...

It is going to be worth in when you finally sell your home after doing all that work. Love recessed lights! Sweet hubby too! I would spend my money on Koigu & Debbie Bliss Cashmerino yarn.

Amber said...

Sorry about the change in plans, but at least you can enjoy your home a little bit before you sell it!

$100 bucks eh? One word...Malabrigo!!