Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Birthday Recap

Kya (my golden retriever who thinks she's not only human, but also a princess) woke me at 5:30am crying. I thought she'd stop (more of a whine, than a cry), but 10 minutes later & no sign of DH even noticing it, I walked out to find her laying down in front of the patio door crying. Did she have to pee? Did she need a drink? Doubtful....she just wanted me out of bed I'm sure. I'm renaming her "Princess Pain in the Arse!" Of course I pushed her out the patio door & told her to at least pee & make me feel better about getting out of bed so early on my birthday. Of course I was unable to sleep after returning to bed, so I got up & made myself some coffee & opened the cupboard holding my ever precious Baileys Irish Cream. You CAN'T start a birthday without a Bailey's coffee. Then again, I rarely start a Saturday or Sunday morning without it either.

I decided to work on my Jaywalkers that I'd been neglecting & I actually got quite a bit accomplished. I returned to bed sometime around 10am & slept until my mother rang the phone for the THIRD TIME at noon. Isn't it so nice that even though DH had told her just an hour previous that I was sleeping, that she would still call 3 times in a row an hour later. Of course DH was in the shower, so he was unable to save my mother from my wrath when I answered the phone. I'll leave out whatever "colorful" thing I may have said to her but she so kindly reminded me that I should be nice to her because 37 years ago today she went through a lot of pain because I was "SUCH A BIG (as in large) BABY". How kind. Thanks for reminding me that even though I feel fat now, even upon birth people thought I was fat too.

One hour later:
I'm standing in the bathroom just out of the shower & remember that I must go into my office & transfer money between accounts. As I walk into the dark office I step on a piece of picture frame glass that I had stacked on the floor (don't ask, it shouldn't have been there & I know better). I caught the edge of it & flipped it up in the air & it landed on the top of my foot & fell off. I looked down & saw a trail of blood from the center of my foot to my big toe. As I hobbled back into the bathroom leaving a horrific trail of blood behind me, I slung my foot into the bathroom sink & turned on the water. The pain at that moment had me on the ceiling, but at the same time I also got to see that I only had a few small cuts & one gash that was only 1/2 inch long. Happy Birthday you clumsy old fart!

30 minutes later:
DH is back home inspecting my cut & says: "You don't need stitches, you only cut it through the FATTY part". Oh... so Happy Birthday you clumsy old FAT fart (I think to myself)

1 hour later:
I'm sitting next to DH in our car admiring the beautiful bandage "job" on my FAT foot (attached to my FAT body) so that I could manage sliding a sandal on. We arrive at Downtown Disney where he hands me 2 tickets to see Pirates of the Caribbean 2. I was thrilled! The movie was very entertaining, but made me even more anxious to see what changes were made to the ride. After the movie we boarded the monorail to Disneyland & stood in line to see the newly designed Pirates of the Caribbean ride. WOW! They definitely kept all the great originality of it, but enhanced it to keep up with the movies. We finished the evening with a deliciously expensive dinner at the Blue Bayou Restaurant inside of the Pirates ride. It was the perfect birthday for me! It just goes to show how well my DH knows me & I feel like the luckiest woman in the world!

When we arrived home I had several messages on the answering machine with Birthday Greetings, but nothing was better than hearing Austin & Blake each say "Happy Birthday Grandma Kristie, I love you". My heart melted. It was worth turning 37 just to hear that message! Who cares if I'm fat? I have 2 grandchildren that love me!

By the way, isn't my birthday necklace beautiful?


Lynda said...

DH and the grandchildren sure know how to turn a day around - sounds like the Birthday ended up beautifully! Love the necklace - very pretty!

(Hey - and feel good- I'll be 47 and fat in a couple of months.... see, could be worse!)

slyn said...

I envisioned the necklace differently, but I like the real thing better than what I pictured!! I want to go to the Blue Bayou for dinner when we come, I cannot wait to see the changes. BTW I have no idea when we will get out there, but hopefully soon!!

Amber said...

Happy (belated) birthday!! I'm glad it turned out to be a good day even though it got off to a rough start!

The necklace is beautiful!