Tuesday, July 18, 2006

RPM's Rock!

I'm in love...... with my new socks.
(and DH who works a million hours a week to support my knitting addiction)

Pattern: RPM by Aija Goto in the Knitty summer online magazine.
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Socks that Rock lightweight superwash merino in Ruby Slippers colorway
Needles: Addis Turbo size 2US circulars
Modifications: None other than choosing the Heel Flap & Gusset with the Grafted Toe.
Notes: I will knit this pattern & use this sock yarn again (& again, & again)

Since this is only my 4th pair of knitted socks, I still feel like I need a fairly clear pattern. I was able to work the pattern EASILY because it was written very clearly and it also gave me options. Not only were there instructions for either the Short Row Heel or the Heel Flap & Gusset, but there were also directions for the Grafted Toe or the Pointed Toe.

For this pair of socks, I chose the heel flap with gusset and the grafted toe. Although I've tried a short row heel once before & it seemed successful, I attempted it twice on this pair with perfection on one side & noticeable gaps on the other. I frogged it the 2nd time and successfully knitted the heel flap with gusset instead. Also, the grafted toe is quite easy for me which is why I chose it instead of the pointed toe. For some reason, I've lucked out & I have the Kitchener Stitch (grafting) technique committed to memory. For the last 2 pairs of socks, I haven't had to use the internet reference at all! Thank goodness because I hear about so many knitters that despise grafting.

As far as the sock yarn, I used Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock lightweight superwash merino in the Ruby Slippers colorway. Can I just tell you how in love I am with this yarn? It has enough bounce or spring or whatever you want to call it to fit my foot comfortably, but it's also extrememly soft. I will definitely be ordering this sock yarn again!

The only downside to finishing these socks is that I don't have anymore yummy sock yarn in my stash and I'm supposed to be on a yarn diet!


Lynda said...

Beautiful socks! Out of sock yarn??? Ohhhh no! Hmmmm, just so happens i've just been itching to be nice to someone lately- email me your address and I'll surprise you! Oh - come on, really, please do....Use me... I'm not on a yarn diet, yet!

Judy said...

Those came out so nice! oooooo! ahhhh! :-) I need to try that pattern. One of these days when I catch up and don't have any sock ideas that need to be knit.

By the way, you know my philosophy... sock yarn never counts as "stash."

jillian said...

Beautiful sockies! I really like this pattern, not that I've seen a few in blogland. I think I may convert it for footies!

Kathleen said...

I made socks with ruby slippers meduim weight. See them here http://tincantextiles.blogspot.com I love my socks so soft and comfy