Friday, July 21, 2006

My Knitting Diet

I've lost weight! Of course, they say the first 5 pounds is all water, so I guess I'm short 3 pounds of water, but I don't miss it. I lost the first 2 pounds last week & then 1 pound so far this week although my weigh-in day is Monday morning, so hopefully another pound will drop by then.

So what am I doing differently? Honestly, I've only changed ONE thing. After dinner, I pickup my needles, pour myself a drink (usually Crystal Light) and I STAY OUT OF THE KITCHEN! The only thing I've allowed myself after dinner is my Crystal Light & sometimes (more often than not) I even add vodka to it. Obviously I was eating so much late at night that it was keeping me & making me fat. I've now incorporated this change into my life for almost 2 weeks now & I have the confidence to keep going. What new thing shall I do next? Exercise?

A BIG THANK YOU to Lynda for your SWEET offer to send me sock yarn from your stash! It never ceases to amaze me how generous the knit blogger world is!

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Lynda said...

oy - exercise... that's drastic... I STILL keep saying I'm going back to the gym - but have I been??? uh, no.

Take me up on that sock yarn offer any time!!! It's so fun to give and get gifties in the mail - sure beats bills!!