Thursday, April 27, 2006

Travel Deal!

I finally got our resort booked at WDW for the 2nd part of our cruise vacation. We're staying at Disney's Old Key West Resort for 6 days/5 nights. If I book it with Disney or a TA, it will cost me $1,500. However, I am the overly-obnoxious internet researcher for almost everything & I found a website for a DVC (Disney Vacation Club) owner that will rent his timeshare points for you to use at any of the available resorts through DVC. He conferenced me in with Disney's member services, they checked availability at the resort & for the same exact location, room, etc, I'm only paying $480. UNBELIEVABLE! I will always travel to DisneyWorld this way!

Duke crawled up on the sofa after DH went to bed & decided to lie next to me & watch me knit (how cute). Normally the dogs aren't allowed on the sofa since one of them left visible scratching marks on the left cushion & if DH had found out which one it was....well, lets just say there probably would've been a boot print on that dogs behind!

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Knit and Purl Grrl said...

Wow! That's terrific! Good for you for doing the research!!! I will have to do that the next time we head to WDW (which if I have my way will be in 2050). Just kidding. We took the kids a year and a half ago when Callie was only 6 weeks old, and that was a big effort... then we went to DL in Anaheim over Easter and my son made me ride the Tower of Terror three times in a row. I am still trying to get my inner ears re-adjusted!

WDW is amazing. I do love it. I will love it more when all my kids are out of strollers.

PS How is the decluttering going?