Monday, April 17, 2006


Knitting? What Knitting? Cruise? What cruise? I'm busy with the grandkids!!

I can't believe that I'm only 36-yrs young & yesterday a 3-yr old was yelling at me: "Grandma Kristie, come see me blow bubbles!"
(what a beautiful sound) My mother is absolutely horrified that I'm being called "Grandma", but I love it!! So how is it that a 36-yr old gets to be a grandma? Well... I married a wonderful man a "few" years older than me. I had no idea when we were dating that he was as "old" as he is or that he had a daughter just 9-years younger than me, but age is relative. I've never thought of age as important anyway. One of the advantages of my old guy has been the grandkids - definitely the icing on the cake!!

My mom is sure that I'll regret not having kids & maybe I will, but I never wanted them until I was with DH. He's the only man that I've sincerely wanted to have kids with. Unfortunately the doctor "snip, snipped" him years ago & the reversal is $7,500.00!! I guess we could skip vacations to pay for it, but there's still no guarantee that I'd get pregnant. ...And if I did...maybe I'd go through some of the past horrors of being in a delivery room & not bringing home a baby! No thank you!

Anyway....we had a lovely holiday & loved being with the boys & can't wait until Sunday when we get to see them again for Austin's T-ball game!

Knitting? Am I knitting? Why yes I am! What am I knitting? A horrible little cardigan until my yarn arrives for my tank top! I'll take photos of the cardi I suppose....right before I burn it!

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lilsis said...

They are adorable! If you ask me you hit the jackpot, you got to skip ahead to the grandkids- all of the love, none of the responsibility!!