Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Projects to do?

I've been blog-surfing today & have found quite a few items I'd like to make! This is a very good thing since I haven't knitted much in projects this year (I'll blame it on a lot of "practice work").

I've already downloaded the pattern for the Calla Tank but I'll have to wait until the same designer publishes the pattern for the black tank.
The cardigan (SAL) & sweater (FAY) are both kits from Kim Hargreaves New Beginnings collection. I was trying to figure out my size on their chart & unfortunately I'm at least a medium. By the way, who orders the extra small? Hollywood starlets sitting on their movie set knitting? The only problem with this kits ...they are too expensive for my budget right now. If I come into money though (lotto winnings?), I think I'll make the cardigan in the color "grand" or "rich" and the sweater in the color "whisper" or "daydream". Wouldn't the cardigan kit make a great present for me to get on my birthday?
(I think DH reads this blog, so here's the "hint" honey...and save your money, it's "spendy")

I'm also always on the lookout for my neices, nephews & grandsons & I ran across this cute cardigan. If I were a wonderful aunt (and I am) I would make these for my neices. (I wonder how much the yarn is going to cost?)

I also saw that WEBS is having their big sale. I must narrow down what I'm going to order soon! I would hate for them to sell out of something I want!

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