Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Tank this Knit!

I finally started making Saunshine's tank top!
I purchased the pattern, and the mailman finally delivered the yarn!
Then there's the colorcoding of the chart
(only the 2nd chart I've ever used)
and after accessing my work...
I then begin to RIP!
(the perils of being a perfectionist I suppose)
And then it all goes back together in a partial front
Although right now I'm trying to rewrite part of the pattern for the next section since I had to recently FROG that!
Unfortunately I've found errors which doesn't help since I'm not an advanced knitter yet (then again, am I even an intermediate?)
I hope someday when I start pattern-writing (wishful thinking),
that I don't have any errors.
(my perfectionist side coming out again)
Anyway....I should be an expert at tank tops when I'm done with this!

1 comment:

Saun said...

If there are any errors in the pattern I didn't catch, please let me know. I apologize if there are.