Saturday, April 22, 2006

There's no better thing when you're having a bad day, than a margarita (half drank obviously!) I went to the salon today to have my hair colored & trimmed (after putting it off for months & months). I took my knitting with me since I knew I'd be stuck for 45 mintues while the color processed, but what should have been a 2 1/2 hour total salon visit ended up being a 4 hour trip to hell!! Not only did she let the color sit & process too long (1 1/2 hours), but she also gave me the most horrific haircolor that I think I'll just stick to baseball hats for awhile!

I actually should be including a photo of my hair, but I'm so horrified, that I can't bring myself to pose for the photo! My regular hairstylist just up & quit at the salon I usually go to & figuring that the other people there were talented too....ha! BIG mistake on my part. I'm normally a blonde-ish brown color since I get my gray hair roots covered & then do a hi-light & lo-light to add depth, dimension, etc. BUT TODAY....I'm almost orange! Oh the horror!

Isn't this little hairball in front of Duke just so cute? NOT!! I cannot believe the amount of hair coming off these retrievers every day. I feel like I should start saving it, washing it, & then use it to spin yarn or something. I love my dogs, but this hair thing has me seriously reconsidering ever owning a long-haired dog again!

Tomorrow will be a better day. At least my husband has the day off from work & I'll be with him longer than usual (which is 7:30pm-9pm)!

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