Thursday, October 19, 2006

Vacation Indulgence

I knew there was a reason I usually don't drink much alcohol. It's not that I don't enjoy an occassional cocktail, but for some reason when I'm on vacation, I just think drinking is part of the whole vacation experience. I had TWO occassions on this last vacation though that SHOULD keep me away from all alcohol on future vacations. (Notice the emphasis on SHOULD)

Experience One - Art Auction
Not only did I indulge in a pre-dinner cocktail, several glasses of wine with dinner & an after dinner show drink, BUT there was free champagne being served at the art auction. Yes, on cruise ships they have art auctions.

5 years ago I was on a cruise with a friend, saw a piece of art, didn't bid on it & have regretted it ever since. I commented about this to DH and he said we could go "look" at the art on the cruise ship up for auction. I saw a painting I immediately liked & when I showed it to DH, he admitted he liked it as well. WHAT? We agree on a piece of art? We don't even agree on the art currently hanging in our home. I was so excited.. until the dealer told us the price.

Starting bid ... $986.50 -- A LITTLE out of our budget.

However, because they were drawing numbers for art they were giving away, we registered & got a number. BAD IDEA. Halfway into the auction, the painting I liked appeared & next thing I know DH is raising our number & then "once, twice, sold" was shouted out by the auctioneer. WHAT? Did we just buy art? Yes. It will be arriving in 8 weeks.

Experience Two - Water Park
While visiting DisneyWorld, we decided to re-visit a favorite park of ours called Blizzard Beach. This park is a water park for the young & young at heart. I've never seen anything like it before & I only wish Disney would put in something similar here in California. Upon arriving to Blizzard Beach & renting our towels for the day (which we never used), we made our first stop at ....... the bar for a delicious breakfast of bloody mary's. We chatted up the bartender, started a tab, finished our drinks & went off to "ride" the water rides. After a few rides, I started feeling thirsty so back to the bar we went, but for my all time favorite MARGARITAS (on the rocks only, none of that frozen crap for me). After finishing that delicious drink, we went back to the water rides, then back the bar, back to the rides... you see where I'm going with this. Although I do remember that the bar tab wasn't nearly as high as I thought it was going to be, I don't remember the ride home.

What I DO remember is:
  • lying on the bathroom floor,
  • worshipping the porcelain god,
  • DH wiping you-know-what from my mouth with a cold washcloth

OH BOY I WAS SICK! The entire night was miserable & the next day we were at Magic Kingdom in Disneyworld, but only very mild rides for me. Poor DH. He was fine, but I was hungover as hell & I don't want to see a margarita ever again. (Or at least until I can't remember this experience).

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slyn said...

LOVE the painting! The water park looks like a blast too.