Saturday, October 14, 2006

Christmas project for DH

There are only two decent photos of us from our vacation & here's one of us at St. Maarten with our cruise ship in the background (duh). I sure wish I would've asked people to take our photo more often, but I guess I just didn't think about that enough then. I'll know better for our spring vacation in Hawaii.

So I've since realized that it's NOT a good thing when DH reads your blog. I've chosen to knit him something for Christmas & the downside is I can't blog about it. I can't give post update photos, progress bars, ask for help, or anything! That's a real downer. I was going to ask DH to stop reading my blog until after Christmas, but it wouldn't work. It's like telling a child they can't do something -- it then becomes the ONLY thing they want to do.

Here's the sneak peak on the yarn colors for the project. Not only is blue DH's favorite color, but he looks dreamy in it. The grey is just an accent color section (small), but I did have a difficult time deciding on the accent color. Since I couldn't ask you all for your input, I just hope I chose correctly.

By the way, DH reads the comment sections here, so if you want to know or guess what I'm making, please email me instead of commenting.


Amber said...

Well, I have no idea what it might be, but I think your yarn choice is perfect. Swish is a great yarn, and those colors look great together!

ScrapHappy said...

LOVE the vacation photos in this post and the last... And the colors look great! I need to get started on my Christmas presents, too...