Monday, October 09, 2006

Back from the dead

Actually, I'm not back from the dead, but back from vacation. I thought I'd posted a note telling you all that I was leaving for 2 weeks, but today when I looked at my blog, I saw it never posted. SORRY! You probably all thought I fell off the face of the earth... or did you notice?

DH & I went on a cruise in the southern caribbean for a week & then spent a week in Orlando at Walt Disney World. Although it was a wonderful vacation & great spending quality one on one time with DH, I was homesick on day 10 & wanted to come home!

I have finished knitting projects & got a wonderful stitch marker surprise in the mail from good to be girl. I received EIGHT of the most adorable stitch markers: pea pods, coffee bean, pumpkin, penguin, snowman, ice cream cone & a pop tart. I LOVE THEM!! I can't wait to start a new knitting project so I can use them since just looking at them makes me smile! I'll post photos of the stitch markers & some finished knitting projects hopefully Tuesday or Wednesday.

When you were a kid & you went on vacation with your family, did your mom make sure the house was spotlessly clean before you left? Mine sure did & now I know why! After being gone for 2 weeks, I sure wish I would have followed my mothers example & spotlessly cleaned my house, because now instead of blogging or reading blogs, I have to go clean ... YUCK!


Lynda said...

I noticed! - Welcome home!

I do the house cleaning thing.... there's enough to come home to without a dirty house, too! Didn't learn it from my mom, though.... learned it from the hubby. He's the clean one, and SLOWLY converting me :o)

Judy said...

I noticed! Glad you had a great time and good to see you back.

I learned the "clean before you go" thing from my mom. It's so nice to come home to a clean house.

I don't always do it, mind, but it is nice to come home to a clean house when I do. :-)