Monday, October 23, 2006

Hell Sweater & Felted Foot

This sweater I'm making is going to be the death of me! Thus, I've named it "Hell Sweater". This is the very first sweater I've made for myself & it hasn't been very pleasant to say the least.

First of all.. the EVIL yarn. And really, I don't even want to call it yarn because it's really just 5 different colored threads that seem to have been chain stitched together. It splits, it pulls, it snags, it's evil!

Secondly, I'm afraid I don't have enough yarn left to finish. It called for 11 skeins, I purchased 11 skeins, but I'm 1/2 through the sleeves with only one ball left. I still have to seam & knit a collar.

Finally, last night at midnight I noticed this:

Obviously knitting at 1am is not the best of ideas. Of course, the purl bump ridges are supposed to go all the way across, so now I'm laddering down (is that the correct term?) 5 rows to switch my knit stitch to a purl bump & I'm doing this 87 times. Somebody shoot me!

I'm probably a little late in knitting the Fiber Trends felted clog pattern, but after seeing the 2nd pair completed by Jillian, I really would like to make some for myself (and maybe even for Christmas gifts).

Although, Wendy posted about the Knitted Slippers- Curiously Clever Clogs and they're so cute that I also want to make those. Did I hear you say that I should make both? Hmm... but I'm so "cheap" I don't want to buy a $5 pattern AND a $7 pattern. I can't decide. Who will decide for me?

The only thing I DO know, is I'm going to go with inexpensive yarn & buy the KnitPicks Wool of the Andes because they have some beautiful new heather colors available. Here's a few combos I'm thinking about:

By the way, DH & I went to dinner (sushi) and the movies Friday night (like a REAL date) and saw The Guardian. I HIGHLY recommend it.


Lynda said...

We went to dinner and say The Guardian Friday night too!

Oooh, your sweater, I feel your pain. Some things just almost refuse to be knit, don't they!

jillian said...

Oh man, I hope it works out for your sweater. Don't let it put off garments, though!

I saw that slipper pattern at Wendy's too...and I keep being on the verge of getting it. But I think Stitch Diva's patterns are steep, especially being that they are only a download, and that I have the clog pattern. But in the end I'm sure I'll cave. They are just too cute! They are both timeless patterns!

Karen said...

Oh no, that sweater sure does look to be giving you a lot of trouble. :( I wish I had some good advice. I'm only on my second ever sweater, and just had to rip a bunch of rows back this afternoon . . . so I'm the last one who could help. :( I'll send you happy knitting vibes though!!

Amber said...

Sorry the sweater is such a pita, but it looks like it'll be very pretty when it's done!

I think that yarn would drive me insane. I'd have split stitches all over the place!