Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Yarn Shortage (a.k.a I'm an Idiot)

So there I was just zipping along on my Tulip top, when halfway through the 2nd skein of yarn (I only bought 3 skeins), I realized that I'm definitely going to run out of yarn WAY before I should. I couldn't believe that the pattern could be wrong & that I actually needed more skeins than it called for.

I went to my favorite yarn guide resource: Yarndex
I typed in the yarn the designer used: Katia Jamaica - 219 yards per skein
I then looked at my skein of yarn: Elann Sonata - 115 yards per skein

No doubt about it -- I was so excited that I found a substitute yarn that I forgot to double check how many yards I should order. DUH! Then...the panic set in. What if I couldn't get more of this yarn in the same dye lot?

Lucky for me, Elann did have more yarn available in the same dyelot. I quickly placed my 2nd order for more Sonata yarn -- 3 more skeins of Ruby & 3 more skeins of Natural & then just for fun, I added 6 skeins of coffee bean. I suppose Tulip is on hold for now!

Since I'm a bit burnt out on knitting the Jaywalkers (from frogging them so much), I decided to start work on the Katia Twist Pullover.

Katia Twist yarn isn't the most pleasant yarn to work with (unless you're drinking something mixed with Vodka) & I find myself knitting with it very slowly. There are about 12 or 13 threads all twisted together in a strange way to make this yarn & if your needle catches it just've got a mess that I can't figure out how to fix. I'm knitting the back & started my first armhole decrease, so we'll see how much further I get before the yarn drives me to the Vodka cabinet permanetly.

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