Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I'm turning green

I swear...I'm frogging all of my projects so much, that I feel like I'm turning green! What is wrong with me? Does everyone frog their projects a million times too & they're just not blogging about it? No wonder I never have any FO's to show...I'm too busy frogging them to finish them.

I've tried to make the Jaywalker's 3 times now. First from the top down, but it was too tight. Then I decided to make them at the same time on circulars from the toe-up using a revised pattern. NO GOOD! I'm either mis-interpreting the pattern, or the gusset increases go on & on for 37 rows! Admittedly I've only made 2 other pairs of socks, but a 37 row gusset seems awfully big. I ripped it out TWICE! All 37 rows, on two socks, two different times. No more -- I'm sticking with the original pattern, not a modified one. If that doesn't work, then maybe I should end my sock knitting career!

I bought a pattern -- Tulip. There's so many freebies on the internet & what do I do...buy one! Well, I'm just so picky about what I knit for myself & this one seemed like something I'd wear. I purchased a plain color cotton yarn that was on a great sale from Elann. Between the pattern & the yarn, it's only going to cost ....drum roll please........$11. Yes, $11 so if I hate it, I won't feel guilty about spending a bunch of money!

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