Thursday, June 01, 2006

Jaywalkers in ZEN

I've decided to use my ZEN yarn from Scout's handpainted swag for Grumperina's JayWalker socks.

After completing 1/3 of the first sock (and it not fitting), I decided to frog it.

I unwound my one skein & rewound it using my dining room chairs

Now I'm using the toe-up version, and the magic cast on (I'm so thankful I found that!) and the M1F & M1B increases (great video instruction on that site) for the toe sections! I'm also knitting both socks at the same time which should ensure they will both end up the same size (or close to it) AND I won't end up with SSS (Second Sock Syndrome).

Since the instructions in the toe-up version aren't as clear as I need (since this IS only my 3rd sock ever), I may not make it all the way through knitting this sock without some major frogging...but...I'm willing to give it a try. Cross your fingers!

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Lynda said...

Oooh, I liked it! but the new ones are looking good, too! Great colors - I love purple!