Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My Home, My Family

These last few days there's been no knitting because I was busy in one of the bedrooms doing this:

and I didn't receive any help ripping out the old carpet, carpet pad, tack strips & baseboards, because my DH was powerwashing the house to get it ready for exterior paint.

This process was only supposed to take a few hours, but joke on me..he was outside all day powerwashing & I was inside all day working on floors. Then just when we sit down & turn on the TIVO to watch Big Love, there's a knock at the door & it's my parents & 2 of their grandkids (my sisters kids that live 1/4 mile from my mom).

My parents live in southern Idaho (god-forsaken place) in a city called Idaho Falls. Although I was born in Seattle, WA, I grew up in Idaho Falls, ID. I loved it so much that 3 days after my high school graduation....I moved!

So my parents are here to help us update our house with new exterior paint (which my dad has done a million times) and installing about 650 sq ft of hardwood flooring. Of course nobody here has done that!

This is my mom.

All she ever says when anyone has a camera is, "don't take my photo, I'm too fat". Well I calculated today that she has been saying this same statement for AT LEAST 12 years (probably 15 years would be more accurate). Now I will admit, these photos do seem to add 10 pounds on her, but still.....get over it!

I did manage to get a somewhat-photo of her when her & my neice were coming out of the bathroom! Surprise Surprise!

These are my sister Angie's kids. (my parents are in the background & my mother would probably kill me if she knew I posted this photo of her behind)

They are visiting because my sister is in the wilderness camping with a bunch of teenagers & needed my mother to watch her kids while she's away (she probably doesn't trust her DH because he lost their son once).

Anyway, they've spent all day Monday & all day today at Disneyland & then Wednesday & Thursday is installing the new hardwood flooring & Friday is exterior paint day. I believe they leave on Saturday afternoon so we may get in a trip to the ocean that day. Too much too fast!

The only fun knitting news I have is receiving the YarnHarlot's book in the mail today & I can't wait to read it!

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Lynda said...

The picture coming out of the bathroom is a hoot!

Home improvement, very satisfying, but always takes more time and more money than anticipated!