Sunday, June 25, 2006

Blogger influences yarn purchase

Well now I've gone & done it After reading blog posts by Wendy, I've finally placed & received my my FIRST order from Elann. Of course I had to -- their prices are just too good to pass up!

The red yarn & the off-white yarn are RUBY & NATURAL from Elann's Sonata Collection. Both are 100% mercenized cotton & should work very well for the Tulip Tank. It definitely doesn't look like there's enough yarn for it, but who am I to say?

The multi-color yarn is Katia Twist in the Cancun color. I'm planning on knitting the Pullover Sweater I saw on Elann's site months ago! I've wanted to make it for a fall/spring sweater, but they never had the right color in stock. Finally they did, so I've ordered it. After seeing this yarn though, I think I may have been wrong about wanting it so badly. It looks like it is going to be EXTREMELY splitty and I think frogging would kill it! Stay tuned.

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