Monday, June 12, 2006

What Is A Shrug?

Yesterday we were at the most interesting Birthday & Father's Day Party that I've ever attended. We were not only celebrating DH's birthday (from Thursday) & the up & coming Father's Day, but we also celebrated his ex-wife's birthday & her DH's birthday (up-coming on Tuesday) & Father's Day for him. Strange, confusing & true.

I made a comment at the end of the party about needing to complete my neices shrug & the question was proposed:
"What is a Shrug?"

I paused for a moment wondering how to explain it, when DH responded:
"It's two sleeves with a back".

It doesn't sound as funny now when I write it, but at the time it made me laugh to the point that beer was almost coming out my nose!

Here's my neice Katelyn posing early this morning with her Girlfriend Shrug that FITS! The one I sent her for her birthday was too small so I ended up ripping off the ribbing edge, then ripping out the middle section, and adding 4 inches. I finished it at 1:30am! I didn't enjoy making it the first time, let alone feeling like I had to make it again, but I must looks lots cuter on her than I thought it would.

Of course my mother commented that I should make one for all my neices.

I almost poked her eyes out with my knitting needles.

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Lynda said...

Very cute shrug!!