Thursday, March 30, 2006

First Socks Complete

My very first pair of socks are complete & I don't like them! Sad but true & what's a girl to do? (give them away I suppose). Problem is, I made them in my size & nobody I know has a foot as long as I do. I have some yarn from KnitPicks that I intend on using for my next two pairs of socks & hopefully I like them better than these.

On the plus side though...I got the stripes to match on both pairs!

Pattern: Cable Top Socks
Yarn: Lion Brands Yarn Magic Stripe #205 Brown/Blue
Needles: 2 pair of Addi Turbo Circular (2 US)
Modifications: Omitted the cable top & opted for a 1" ribbed top (k1,p1)

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