Friday, March 17, 2006

Who celebrates a dog's birthday?

Happy Birthday Dame Kya California Dreamin'

I can't believe I'm posting birthday greetings for my dog. I really thought this would end up being more of a knitting blog.

So our Kya is 3 yrs old today! I love my dogs like "kids", (not to the point where I buy a cake & party hats & things like that), but this year I decided to get her a present. Her favorite all time toy has been what we call "Booda Bone". Unfortunately it's made out of threads all twisted & knotted together so it only takes Kya & Duke about 3 months to completely demolish it. It's still cheaper than having real kids & buying real toys I'm sure.

I also got her the HOLT harness system yesterday to try & prevent her from pulling my arm out of the socket when I take her for walks....bad purchase....didn't work at all. I'm off today to exchange it for the Gentle Leader system instead which is more money, but hopefully worth it.

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