Thursday, March 01, 2007

Stitches West 2007: Part 3 (Saturday)

Are you getting tired yet of Stitches West recaps? Well this is the very last post about it (at least for THIS year).

Saturday morning I woke with excitement, but I was also a bit sad since I knew this was my last day at Stitches. When we arrived at the convention center, we soon discovered that there was some type of dance competition going in the ballroom which was the floor above the vendor booth area. I sat DH in a comfy chair next to an end table in a quiet corner (too bad there's no photo of it) and he set up the laptop with a movie and his headphones. I knew he'd be entertained for quite a few hours since he was watching Pirates of the Caribbean (for the millionth time).

The convention center was PACKED with people & the line to get tickets for admission to the Stitches Market was LONG! As I walked in, I noticed the crowds today were about 3 or 4 times that of the first night. WOW! Good thing I got most of my shopping and browsing completed on Thursday and Friday. I stopped back at the YarnDogs booth where I'd spied the sock blocker keychain the day before & purchased it as well as some KnitKlips. I then went to the Stitch Diva booth for help on my felted clogs. Sitting in the middle of the convention floor walkway was the Curiously Clever Clogs pattern designer, Jennifer, crocheting an afghan with the largest crochet hook I've ever seen. I stepped into their booth and told one of the workers of my dilemma with the pattern and she stated I'd have to speak with Jennifer since she'd never knitted them. Of course there was a smallish crowd around her, and since I had class, I decided to stop back later.

Since teaching my little sister to knit via the internet and telephone, and then attempting to teach my left-handed aunt to knit, and then being asked by my step-daughter for knitting lessons, I decided I should probably take a "how to teach knitting" class. Since I'd never formally taken any knitting lessons I wasn't sure how to approach teaching another person without frustrating them and me (as in the case with my aunt), so I decided to learn from a professional. The class was a one-hour market session named Teaching Learn-To-Knit by Beth Whiteside. Overall the class was great, but there was one student who slowed us all down a bit and it seemed like Beth had to rush through some of the things she was trying to convey. It wasn't the students fault though since she was hard of hearing, and although she sat in the front row, the noise level was horrible. Unfortunately the market session classes were in the vendor area of the convention center in screened off rooms, and not only did you have the noise from that, but then there was the noise from all the announcements on the PA system. Although I enjoyed the class immensely and learned a GREAT DEAL of useful information, I probably won't take another market session class again unless they move it out of the vendor area and into regular classrooms.

After class, I figured DH was still entertaining himself with his movie & that I may have a moment or two to do some last-minute shopping. I ended up at the perfect booth for some lace-weight yarn to start a project from Victorian Lace Today. The first skein I purchased is 903 yards of Graceful, a 100% fine lace wool, and the second skein is 3100 yards of Heaven, a tencel and merino wool blend. Unfortunately the photo doesn't show you the stunning sheen on the skein of Heaven, but if it knits up as beautifully as I hope, I will buy a skein of this in every color!

Unfortunately I got so side-tracked by all the beautiful lace-weight yarn, I completely forget to go back to the Stitch Diva booth for help on the clog pattern. DUH! I'd carried the darn half-knitted clog and pattern instructions around with me for two days, and completely forgot! I'm blaming it on all the yarn tempting my eyes & screwing with my brain.

That's it for my adventures at Stitches. I can't WAIT for next year! By the way, I think tomorrow I'll have a FO Friday!


abby said...

We could never tire of hearing Stitches West stories! How could you think that of us? ;)

The lace yarn looks very, very pretty, and I can't wait to see you get started on some Victorian Lace!

Micki said...

What a haul!

Your recaps have made me think I need to find a way to go next year.

Amber said...

OMG -- tired??? Of Stitches tales?? Never!!

Sounds like another great day -- too bad about the noise in the class, but I'm glad you felt like it was worthwhile anyway.

Carole Knits said...

Excellent yarn choices. Sounds like a very successful trip.

Karen said...

Thank you - it's been so much fun hearing all about Stitches West and it was fun to read it over three days! :) You'll be happy to know I own none of the yarns in today's posts, although a friend did send me one of those cute sock blocker keychains for Christmas (she knitted the sock for it too). It's so cute and I love pulling out my keys and seeing it!

Dipsy said...

I *so* enjoyed reading through all your entries with your impressions about Stitches West - you have such a lively and entertaining way to write that it really felt as if I'd have been there with you - amazing!
Isn't it awesome how easily men - okay, some men - can be entertained? You just place them somewhere, give them a movie to watch or something to play with and they're happy campers! Ahh, I love this kind of men! ;)
And what a yarn haul! My, this "Heaven" looks like heaven indeed, it must be awesome to work with - and mind you, I can't wait to see how it'll knit up and what you're going to make with it!
Looking forward to seeing your FO!

Laura said...

The class sounds interesting. Too bad it was so noisy. :-( I can totally see how you'd get sidetracked by that lace weight wool. Oh my. 3100 yards? One hank? Weeeeeee! :-D

Anonymous said...

More lovely yarn! Sounds like a good class (other than the noise factor).