Friday, March 30, 2007

Bear With Me

A few of you have been wondering where I've been for the last week. Well, I haven't sat at the computer for DAYS and I'm trying to get caught up on reading all of your blogs. I've missed you all and am curious to see what you've been up to, so bear with me, I'll get to your blog very soon.

In spite of not posting or reading blogs in about a week, I HAVE been knitting. The Zephyr socks are coming along ... because they have to. I'm anxious to finish these by Saturday in time for Project Spectrum. The colors for February and March are Blue, White and Gray and since this Regia Bamboo sock yarn has all these colors in them, I'll be mad knitting on these for a few hours to finish them. I can't wait to try that jogless bindoff!

I've been working on the Shoulder Shawl in the Cherry Leaf Pattern from Victorian Lace Today, but when I stretched it all out ... well, I'll let the photos tell the story.

I like these gradual colorway changes in the yarn on these two sections, but....

what is with the "stripe"?
What happened to gradual color changes?

Everything has a gradual color change expect that one spot! BLECH!

I'm not thrilled with the "stripe" going through this so I've tossed it in a bag like it's in "time out" or something. I just can't look at it. When I bought the yarn I thought it would be perfect for a shawl, but sometimes you just never know until you knit with it. So, dear reader, what would YOU do?

Option 1: Finish it and hope that it looks better once blocked?
Option 2: Frog it and hope to find a project suited better for the yarn at a later date?

On a positive note, yesterday these little beauties arrived!

from left to right: cream, green mountain madness, java, and bark

Go and check out the 20% off sale on Cherry Tree Hill supersock merino yarn at Chez Casuelle. Shipping and handling is free on orders over $25, so how can you not?


Carole Knits said...

That's a bummer about the yarn/shawl combo. That big color blob really draws the eye right to that section. I'd frog it, sad as that may be, because I don't think you're ever going to be happy with it as is.

Karen said...

Oooh, love those socks and love your new yarn!!! I looked at the Zephyr sock pattern, and the yarn she wrote it for is Cherry Tree Hill!! I just happen to have a skein of it in my stash (don't I always) so I think that's what it will become. Thanks for the inspiration. As for the shawl, hmmm, I don't know. I'm not crazy about the stripe either, but the thought of ripping all that work makes me want to cry. I've never blocked lace (yet) so I can't predict what it will do.

Brena said...

:( I would frog as well.

I love Chez Casuelle! I go there all the time, her shop is not very far from my house. She's really really nice, I love visiting her. Cherry Tree Hill = yummy!

Laura said...

The Zephyr socks are looking fabulous. You're nearly there!

Oh, man. The gradual color changes are fabulous on that shawl. Don't know what I'd do about that stripe, either. I wonder how often it happens in the ball of yarn... if you can splice it out or something... Gads.

Look at all that yummy Cherry Tree Hill yarn you got, gf. I see four more pairs of socks on the hoof.

Anonymous said...

What would I do? First I'd cry, then I'd frog it and cry some more. What a bummer!

Your socks are looking nice; how do you like working with that yarn?

I'm off to check out the Cherry Tree Hill (because, one can never have enough sock yarn) :)

Amber said...

The socks are looking fabulous!

As for the shawl, I would probably keep going because: a)Other than the "stripe" it looks amazingly gorgeous and b)I don't think the stripe looks that bad at all.

But, I also think you have to do what will make you happy. I don't know how much blocking will change things -- have you tried stretching it out and pinning it to get an idea?

slyn said...

Love the socks!
I like Laura's idea of trying to splice it. That's probably what I would do. So sorry. Ribbit ribbit!

I still don't have my yarn! Boo hoo!!!

ScrapHappy said...

Hey girlfriend. Love the socks! I will have to try that pattern but I must say that charts intimidate me!!! ACK!
I still love the shawl, but if it bugs you and you can't stand to look at it, either frog it or give it to someone you don't like very much. Bahahaha.

Angelika said...

I would probably go with the time out, knit something else inbetween and then pick it up later again. You might just like it later. I wouldn't mind it, since there is so much work already invested in it.

Dipsy said...

Oh, poor you - what a bummer about the shawl/yarn! I'd also say that a time out of it is the best thing you can do - knit something else and try to forget it for a while, and if you'll look at it after a couple of weeks and you still don't like it, then it may be time to rip it and do something else with the yarn. But: There's also the possibility that you may like it later!

Kimberly said...

Oh gosh, that shawl is a tough call. You've put so much work into it so far, it's tought for me to say frog but if you're not happy with it then there no need to continue. I personally think it's pretty.