Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sugar Free Cabernet?

My first pair of socks are complete for the Sock A Month KAL3 . Isn't it ironic that the pattern I used was designed by one of the KAL hostesses, Chrissy, AND my KAL group leader, Karen, is who the pattern was designed for? Typically I'm not a huge fan of purchasing sock patterns since there seems to be an abundance of free ones all over the internet, but the proceeds for the purchase of the pattern went towards Karen's Walk for Diabetes, so it was well worth it!

Sugar-Free Cabernet Socks

Pattern: Karen's Sugar-Free Diabetes Socks

Pattern Source: Gardiner Yarn Works

Yarn: Berroco Pure Merino; Cabernet colorway

Needles: (2) KnitPicks Circular size 1 US

Notes: The first time I knit this pattern, I followed the pattern as written, but this time I converted the pattern to knit these toe-up. I had no clue what I was doing in the heel section and got very lucky that it all worked out. Thankfully, Judy emailed me her toe-up heel math, so my next pair should go much better. I love the pattern stitch detail in how the finished product looks, but also that it's easy to memorize! I've knit with this yarn twice before when I made the Backyard Leaves Scarf & the Fetchings and although I did love the yarn during those two projects, I didn't really enjoy knitting with a worsted weight yarn on size one needles for these socks. I do like the finished project, but in the future I'll probably stick to lighter weight yarn when knitting socks.

While knitting these socks, my KnitPicks Circular cable came out of the needle at the joint. Not Cool!! DH was sitting there when it happened and asked if he should get the super glue. I guess he figured the duct tape wouldn't work. I contacted KnitPicks today and they are sending me a replacement needle in the mail tomorrow.

Yes, this photo sucks, but it was very late last night & I wanted you to see the obviously wasted knitting time in making socks that are too big. This is the beginnings of the Pomatomus pattern that I'm attempting to knit toe-up. I'm using regular sock-weight yarn & size one needles as I always do, but there are 68 stitches total instead of my usual 64 and obviously it made a huge difference! I already ripped back & now am casting on with my size zeros. Oh what fun?

One last very important item! Christine is doing Project Snuggle again this year, and I'm very excited to be participating. I've never knit anything like this before, so it should be fun.


Emma said...

Very pretty socks! I got the KnitPicks Options set yesterday, and one of my cables did the same thing. I also called and they are sending a replacement. Kind of odd that these things keep popping off. At least they are good about making it right.

flutter said...

Thanks for the plug, love. I'll have the KAL site up in a bit. Love the socks, too. Thank you, from another diabetic.

Senorita Stitches said...

Hi Kristie, I wandered over here from Laura's blog. I love your many and varied socks! I am a new knitter determined to knit socks before too long. I've begun my first sock but I'm not happy with it, and I'm probably going to start over. Right now though, I am busy busy busy with multiple cross stitch projects. Maybe I can join you and Laura next time you get together.

Brena said...

I'm sorry about your Knitpicks needle. :( And the sock!

Thanks for the head's up about Project Snuggle. I'm going to join as well!

Karen said...

Love your new socks, and I was so happy to put the F next to your name!! Waaaa about the needle - I'm paranoid that will happen to mine too. :(

Micki said...

Too bad about your needle! It's nice that Knit Picks stands behind their products. I had a problem with the finish coming off a couple of my needles, and KP replaced them immediately too.

Can't wait to see your progress with Pomatomus! I'm already considering knitting another pair.

Laura said...

I love how the socks came out!

I've been wondering about the saga of the pulled needle cord. Glad you contacted KnitPicks. Sounds like they're handling it just fine. Good!

Yeah, I had to knit Pomatomus on size 0 needles, too. If you knit through the back of the stitches, as indicated, it helps to tighten things up a bit further.

I still love that yarn. How's it knitting up? As luscious as it looked like it would be? :-)

Amber said...

The sugar-free socks are very pretty! I've never knit socks with worsted weight yarn before -- I imagine it would go pretty quickly!

That's terrible about your Options needle. Ack. I've heard about that happening to several people and it scares the #@^&% out of me. I have visions of stitches flying off the needle at the most inopportune time. Knit Picks always stands behind their products though, so that's a good thing.

Can't wait to see your Pomatomi (is that plural of Pomatomus?? ;-)).

abby said...

Yay! Finished socks! Congratulations, and I love the color of them. But I'm scared to hear that the needle broke, because I just picked up a sad little unfinished sock with the Knit Picks needle this morning, threw it in my bag, and headed off for work. What will I do if it breaks on the train home? Keep your fingers crossed!

Cathy said...

The socks are absolutely gorgeous! Great job, I'll have to give the pattern a try soon :)

Dipsy said...

Awww - these socks are absolutely awesome! Amazing pattern, and the yarn you've been using seems to be just the perfect one! Great job indeed - and hey, I can't wait to see more of your Pomatomus'... Pomatomi?... Pomatomusses? ;)

slyn said...

They turned out great! I bet they will be nice and warm and snuggly. Good luck with the Pomatomas socks, but you don't really need luck. Your stuff always turns out fab-o-lous!

jill said...

Lovely socks! They look so toasty warm.

Yarn It said...

The socks look great. I love the colorway and was glad to have an update on the Pure Merino. I have been wondering what people thought of the yarn.

I am doing my first socks right now! They are not toe up though....I will have to try that at some point but I would have no idea how to convert a pattern.