Friday, September 15, 2006


Look what the mailman brought me yesterday!! I entered a contest from The Purly Gate and since I won, she sent me some of this Vesper Sock Yarn. It might be hard to see in the photo, but it's a handpaint lime colorway called Crew. The best part is it's 100% Merino Wool & I LOVE merino wool! Now, I just have to figure out the right pattern to use. Maybe I could knit some cute socks for my neices for Christmas?

In other knitting news, I have been knitting something other than socks & scarves (get your chin up off the floor). I'm knitting the Fetching fingerless gloves. When I finish the second one I'll give you more details.

I'm also knitting a pair of socks (of course). The pattern is from Judy's freebies section named Tangled Up In Blue Socks. Sorry the picture is so dark, I just couldn't get a decent photo of it today for some reason. The yarn is from KnitPicks Essential Tweed & it's okay, but not my first choice. Am I becoming a sock yarn snob? (please don't answer that Jillian). Actually, I can honestly answer that question with a "no" since I'm in love with the KnitPicks Gloss yarn & just ordered another 2 skeins of it! I do love the pattern though. I've always wanted to do toe-up socks (so I can use up ALL the yarn) on two circulars and not only is the pattern written very clearly (thank you Judy), but they are also a perfect fit so far!

Also, I just signed up for Soctoberfest 2006. With all the sock knitting I've been doing, it seemed like the perfect thing for me. Anyone else going to join in?

Did you notice on my progress bars that the Cardigan is gone? I haven't worked on it for a very long time anyway & when I pulled the pathetic thing out of it's plastic container the other day, I hated it. Relationship O-V-E-R! It was cheap $3 yarn anyway, so really it was no financial loss, just a major loss of time. Does this happen to anyone else? Do you start a project that you think you'll love only to realize that it was a dud? (please say it's not just me).


Brena said...

That IS weird that we're knitting Fetching at the same time. I LOVE the color on yours though. It looks like you just bound off normally too. I heard bad things about the picot bind off.

Amber said...

That is some yummy looking yarn!

Your Fetching looks...well, quite fetching! Very pretty!

Sorry about the cardigan. I too have had projects turn sour on me. I scrapped a pair of Jaywalkers not too long ago and have no plans to revisit them...ever.

Emma said...

Love that Fetching pattern! And I'm so jealous of your Vesper. I'm sure it's lovely.

Yarn It said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. Knit the sweater! It was fun, easy and your husband will love it. You knit great socks. Socks are a huge challenge for me!

Judy said...

Socks look great! :-) I'm glad you're enjoying the pattern. Can't wait to see them finished.

That Vesper looks yummy!

amy said...

looks like you won my contest too! :) shoot me an email, amyATgoodtobegirlDOTcom with your address and i'll get your stitch markers sent out! :)