Saturday, January 06, 2007

To My Baby Sister


Is it wrong to publicly announce that you're 30 today? Since there's so many things I would like to give you for your birthday, and because I'm VERY undecided on which item is best, I'm giving you four choices:

Door #1: One-year subscription to Interweave Knits Magazine

Door #2: Gift Certificate for $20 to or

Door #3: One skein of Socks That Rock lightweight or mediumweight in your color choice

Door #4: Woodland Gloss Leaves Socks and Stitch Markers (still in process)

At Christmas I was going to leave the socks from door #4 at your home for you & then mail the stitch markers to you, but since the socks weren't wrapped, I opted to take them home and mail everything at the same time. Unfortunately, the stitch markers have been giving me "issues", so they didn't get completed in time to get in the mail with the socks and like an idiot, I mailed nothing. Since they aren't finished, and since I don't know when they will be (because I'm stitch marker impaired), I was thinking you may just prefer magazines, or yummy sock yarn, or something like that. There may even be people who comment in the next few days leaving you suggestions on which door to select just in case you're having a difficult time choosing.

I think you'll find it no surprise that you were my favorite sibling growing up. I believe this is because you seemed to be always happy, very quiet, and extremely helpful. You really haven't changed a bit! I love you with all of my heart & even though we're more than 600 miles apart, I feel closer to you now than ever! Thanks for being my sister! Happy Birthday!


Lynda said...

Choose door #1, door #1!!! It's the gift that keeps on giving :o)

and.... wishing you a VERY happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

I agree, choose door #1!

Happy Birthday!!!

flutter said...

awwww! HBD little sister! Your big sis totally rocks

Judy said...

ooooh, ahhhh -- what choices! But it's a no-brainer. Go for door #4. What's better than a pair of hand made socks?

Anonymous said...

I'm really having a terrible time choosing! They are all such tempting choices... Thanks for everyone's input!! You know I really love those socks and that I am currently using paper clips as stitch markers, but I also know they are your favorite socks as well, so I think I will go for door #1. I need all the knitting patterns and help I can get! :) Thank you so much for this wonderful present. It is by far the best one I received!!

kimberly said...

Happy birthday, little sister-I'm a bit late on this. Oh well.
Oh and can I be your sister?? I'd take all doors. Well, I think just being your sister would be present enough. :) Hugs!