Saturday, January 13, 2007

First FO 2007

The Malabrigo Shifting Sands Scarf is complete and ready to keep me warm when I leave for Oregon today!
Pattern: Shifting Sands by Grumperina

Yarn: Malabrigo worsted in Stonechat

Needles: KnitPicks Options size 7US

Notes: The yarn was a Christmas gift from 'lil sis. It was two skeins of PURE HEAVEN. It's the softest yarn I've knit with thus far & I'll definitely purchase more in the future. The pattern was easy to memorize & I did the cables without using a cable needle. This is one of the more ingenious things I think I've learned & I highly recommend it. Once you get the hang of it ... it's so easy you'll wonder why you ever used a cable needle!

For Christmas my mother decide to attempt to surprise me with an item I've been requesting for a year .. the FoodSaver. Unfortunately for her though, DH had also been listening to my requests as well & bought one for me as well for Christmas. My mother was truly disappointed, until I told her that I would also REALLY like an item that would help me out with my knitting.

Yesterday an extremely tall package was waiting for me delivered by Mr. Mailman. Upon opening it I uncovered the most beautiful thing ... a new Glimakra swift. I located a vendor relatively close in distance to me that offered free priority shipping, so I ordered the swift on Tuesday and it arrived on Thursday in mint condition.

Belated Christmas gifts ROCK!

I'm catching a flight out of LAX to PDX in twelve hours to visit with family in Oregon. I'm intending on packing my laptop & getting in some blogging time, but you never know, so worse case scenario, I'll be back in a week!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely scarf!

Have a nice trip :)

Anonymous said...

Great scarf, you'll love the swift, and have a great trip.

Anonymous said...

Your scarf looks beautiful and so warm and snuggly. I've been hoping to find some Malabrigo to try, but can't seem to find any in the LYS around here. I'll keep up my search though, it sounds wonderful!! Isn't cabling without a needle the best - I was so glad I gave it a try too. :) Love your new swift, I wonder how I ever survived without mine. Have a wonderful and safe trip!!

Brena said...

The scarf is gorgeous and so is the swift! Seriously, what a pretty pretty swift. Have a fantastic trip!

Anonymous said...

Pretty, pretty scarf!

It looks like you picked a winner of a swift too. You'll love it. I'm easily entertained by mine.

Lynda said...

I'm going to my LYS today, every time I look, hoping they are now carrying Malabrigo. Maybe today's my lucky day??

Having a swift is just too much fun, ours provides much joy and entertainment - Yea for you!! (besides, when they ask at the LYS if I would like my skeins wound, I can just smugly say, No Thanks!)

Anonymous said...

I don't have a LYS where I live :( so I bought the malabrigo at (big sis already knows) I highly recommend them, great price on the malabrigo, great shipping rates, it came quickly. Trust me, even if the color isn't exactly what you wanted, you will so not care once you knit with it, it is sublime!!!

The scarf is so beautiful! Hope your trip goes well.

jillian said...

That pattern is extra-beautiful in Malibrigo! Wow. Have fun in OR!

Anonymous said...

Your new scarf is gorgeous! :-)

You'll love the swift. Truly one of the best things since sliced bread. Actually, maybe even better... LOL

Amber said...

Beautiful scarf -- I love that colorway!

Anonymous said...

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