Monday, December 18, 2006

Hell Hat & Happy Holiday

Thank you all for your input on the We Call Them Pirates hat, or what I like to call the "hell hat". Although I find color stranding a cool new thing, it definitely sucks up a lot more yarn than I thought it would. In case you're wondering, after reading all of your comments & whining a little bit to DH, I decided to frog the hat and go down a needle size.
  • The good news: Everything but the hat lining is complete and I had enough yarn (I even have about 2 yards left)
  • The bad news: It won't fit my son-in-laws head, so I'll be starting another one of these someday in the future for him.
Since I'm still knitting DH's Christmas gift, I'll probably take the hat with my on Christmas vacation & finish it then.

Today, I tried to work on Christmas cards. I realize I should have done this WEEKS ago, but ... well, I have no excuse so I won't even try to make one up. The only way I successfully get cards completed for any occassion, is because I use card kits from theCardCo. Without them, I probably wouldn't ever get handmade cards completed. This snowman card is based on the design included in the kit, but I changed it to suit my own taste & needs.

Sunday we attended a holiday party at my step-daughters moms house. We were there about 8 hours just enjoying each others company, eating great food & opening presents. This was our first year spending Christmas all together (since none of us had reconciled until January of last year), and as I sat there in front of the tree watching people open presents, my heart told me that I was home. Even though I don't have children of my own, my stepdaughter is only 9 years younger than me, and at 37 I have two grandchildren, I know in my heart that this is exactly where I'm supposed to be.


Carole said...

Your step daughter's mom. As in, your husband's ex-wife. Woa. You're good.

Karen said...

What cute cards - I love them!!! I also was very touched by your holiday party story. :) Merry Christmas!!

Brena said...

Really cute cards! I can't wait to see one up close!

Wow, so THAT explains why you look so young and have grandchildren! I was wondering how someone who looked my age could've pulled that off! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the cards! I can't even manage to get out store bought Christmas cards - I stopped even trying a couple years ago.