Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Charity Needs Help!

I haven't been knitting what I thought I'd be knitting. I'm knitting one more item for charity.

I was reading through my blog subscriptions & while reading Cathy's blog , I discovered that the Soaring Eagles Project is short 100 items. Well after much pattern & yarn searching, I've knit a hat.

Pattern: Basic 2x2 rib knit hat
Yarn: KnitPicks Swish Superwash, colorways Dark Navy & Coast Grey
Needles: Clover bamboo size 7 US circular & dpn's
Notes: The yarn was heavenly to knit with but after being used to knitting on two circular needles & not having 2 of them in a size 7, I was resigned to use dpn's. No offense to those of you who use dpns but no thank you! I'll make sure I add another set of the KnitPicks Options sizes 5-8 US tips to my next order!

DH & I took our grandsons to Disneyland on Sunday. Here's just a few of my favorite photos of us with the boys:

And here's my favorite photo of DH with Pluto. Our grandsons are TERRIFIED of the characters and even though Grandpa had his photo taken with one, they wanted no part of it!

Many special memories were made & I have about 100 photos to prove it!


Procrastiknitter said...

Hi! I read your post on our project blog (Soaring Eagles). PLease email me at theprocrastiknitter at yahoo dot com for the mailing address.

Thank you so much!

lilsis said...

Love the hat, let me know when you get the address so I can send something as well. Love the Disney pics, and you look great!!

Brena said...

I adore that hat! How do you like the swish? I need to place another knitpicks order soon.

Your grandsons are ridiculously adorable!

Cathy said...

What great pictures! I miss my kids being that age - so much fun!

You are a sweetie for making the hat, it is gorgeous!

Karen said...

Love your hat! I'm working on one too - almost done and hoping to maybe eek out another. :) I WANT TO GO TO DISNEY - wwwwaaaaa!!!

Anonymous said...

Awww, your grandsons are extremely handsome! My daughter was terrified of anything in a costume. I've got 2 pictures of her with Santa; the first when she was 1 week old and the other from preschool and her teacher is holding her and she is looking away scared to death!

Carole said...

I knit 2 hats this week for Soaring Eagles. Just when you thought the charity knitting was over . . . LOL

kimberly said...

You are so cute!! I can understand the boys not wanting a picture, can you imagine a dog twice his size wanting to pose with you? My kids have always been terrified of Santa. Must be the costumes.